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Math-BridgeEducation Solution

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Teacher Tools in Math-BridgeDr. Giorgi Goguadze


Math-Bridge Teacher ToolsReports about student activityManagement of UsersManagement of User GroupsContent

Math-Bridge Teacher ToolsManagement of Users

Editing User Parameters, Assigning RolesProperties of a single user can be editedUser can be assigned roles of Tutor, Author and AdministratorAll the other information that user defined when registering can be changed as well

Filtering User List by a Group, Role and NameFilter UsersAssign a group

Exporting User ListsList of all users or particular user groups can be exported as CSV

Importing User ListsUser lists can be imported from CVS

Sets of Users can be Generated

Single new users can be defined manuallyA collection of users can be generated following some specific ID scheme

Management of User GroupsA user group interface helps defining and manipulating user groupsGroups can be created and edited, users can be assigned to groupsContent and tests can be assigned to groups

User Groups and Their ParametersA User Group can be configuredStrategies for inner- and outer- Feedback loopGraphical SkinsAdaptation with Student Model

User Groups and Their ParametersAccess to courses can be restricted

Access to tests and exams can be restrictedAccess to questionnairescan be restricted

Users can be added or removed

Tutors can be assigned to a Group

Tutors can be selected from the list of all registered tutors to be assigned to a group

Deselecting a checkbox will remove the tutor assignment to a group

Content section gives overview of books and tests

Tests and exams can be defined and edited hereBooks can be edited as well

Exam ConfigurationProperties of an exam can be configuredAn exam book needs to be assigned, containing an exercise collectionOther properties can be defined, such asExam durationStart/end timePoints per Exercise

Creating and Editing Books

Two kinds of books can be defined:Regular course booksTest/Exam Books

Creating and Editing Books

When creating books, search for Learning Objects in the right panel and drag them into the middle panel to create the new table of contents

Creating and Editing Books

Creating simple test book

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