Media Evaluation Question 1) In what ways does your media product use, develop and challenge real media products?

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My evaluation question for my A2 coursework for my Short Film 'Entity'.

Text of Media Evaluation Question 1) In what ways does your media product use, develop and challenge real...

  • 1. Inception

2. 0 The film inception has many aspects of hyper-reality. During the film, the mind is opened into another reality which could be seen as more desirable than real life reality. This aspect of the film means a sense of a new, better and more sought-after world, so the audience are convinced that it is an authentic world. 0 The film has a what if style nature. It makes the audience question what the world would be like id we could alter peoples mental states. It also asks the audience whether is it right to invade a persons thoughts. 0 The film portrays a different shape of reality which allow the viewer to personally decide whether they prefer the hyper-reality situation, or their own current situation. 3. 0 My short film is lightly based on the same concepts as the movie Inception. The both use the ideas of whether this dream hyper-reality shows a better more normal reality than we currently live. I have developed the themes and ideal of the movie to help influence and create my short film. 0 My short film itself is based on the fact that one persons Carter Evans reality is not the reality he believes it is. The can be quite confusing, and I believe my audience struggled with this at points of the short film. 0 Yet with all the technological advances our society is experiencing, the audience is made to question whether or not this can actually happen to them. 4. Length 0 The length of my short film is just under 5 minutes (this was the specification for my coursework). Yet this is a stereotypical length for a short film, many are even 2 minutes. I didnt want my audience to become bored by watching a longer video, so I kept it within the suggesting time by the exam board to keep the audience involved and interested within the short film. I tried to keep my narrative up to speed by using a montage at the beginning of the short film, showing time passing and using faster cuts when the white room becomes more present at the end of the short film. The reason I did this was because I wanted to keep the audience interested because even though the length of the film is still short that audience attention can waver. 5. Budget 0 Actually I had to pay 2 for the creme egg mug to use/smash within this short film. 0 The budget on many films is very low. This is because they are made by un-professionals. I have made a link within my magazine review that I have previously made films, but I have decided to do the basics. This is because I havent actually used any money to invest into this short film. I have used all clothing from the actors own wardrobes, all equipment of my own, all props of my own and all locations I was able to use fro free. This means that I havent actually had to pay for anything. 0 This is were I have stuck to the conventions that many short film uses. Many of the Un-professional short film makers have very little money, especially with many of them in their yearly twenty's and just having come out of higher education (university). The reason many people create short films is to be noticed by film studios or other film industry professions so they themselves can become a professionals and start working with bigger budget movies. 6. Characters/Extreme Characterisation 0 Short film usually only involve on or two characters at a maximum to keep the story short and uncomplicated as possible. This is so the audience can follow the story easily. I have used this model by only using two characters Professor Linton and Carter Evans. There isnt much back story to these characters because I wanted to keep them as simple as possible so the audience member would concentrate on the themes and ideals themselves rather than understanding the characters. 0 Normally within short films extreme characterisation is used to get across certain themes or characteristics of the main characters. For example within Black Button the good guy wore white while the bad guy wore a black suit. This is a simple way of inferring the characteristics of a character was using the colour of the clothing they are wearing. 0 I believe I use this to an extent. I dress Carter Evans in the room in white clothing to symbolise that he is the innocent and the good character within the short film, where as in the reality I just cloth Carter in normal everyday clothing similar to the clothes we would all wear. I wouldnt class this as extreme characterisation, expect from the fact that Carter is mad out to be an everyday/ordinary type guy. 0 On the other hand, I try and make out that Professor Linton is the bad character within this short film so I dress Professor Linton in dark colours to show that he is not a character that should be liked or sided with. 7. A Hook/A Twist 0 A hock or a Twist is common in many short films. Especially as many leave the short film on a cliff hanger. (which I have used when Carter wakes up in the white room at the end of the film, it cuts out) 0 The hook could be as simple as, what is that woman doing with the trolley (2:20 analysis). You want to watch to the end of film to find out this information. 0 This is similar to Entity, I have used this in respect of the white room. The viewer will see the white room at the beginning of the clip, than once they see it flash up again they start to get interested in what the white room could be and what it is doing appearing in Carters reality. 8. Arty Vs Experimental 0 Many short films are classed as experimental as experiment with their style, narrative and effects to create a new individual short film. I dont believe my short film is as experimental as other short film have been. The only real thing I have experimented with is the effects of the white room, and how I could create an effect that helps make the white room look in a dream-state. For this is used Chromer Key and adjusted the brightness levels to create an almost blurred look. I have challenged this convention because I have kept my short film quite minimalistic by using, as I have said in question two, light colours and simplistic layouts that keep the products looking spacious. 9. 0 Many short films are based on everyday situations or tasks that you find yourself in. This is because within a short film you dont have time to set up elaborate fantasy worlds and create a back story for them so they keep the short film to small tasks and add twist to keep the audience interested, this can be clearly seen in the short film Black Hole. (A photocopier produces a black hole on a bit of paper and things turn bad from then). 0 I have also used this convention and kept to very everyday tasks and situations for my short film. The fact that I incorporate a dream into my short film was an interesting factor to me as dreams can be interpreted in many different ways. But the fact is when researching into the theme of a white room, no interpretation was found for a white room in a dream, which I thought fit the narrative and theme very well. 0 Other than that I have used everyday tasks such as waking up; making a drink; drinking; working; searching the internet to base my short film on. This will allow my audience to feel some sort of Da J Vou while watching the short film as they themselves complete these tasks. Everyday Situations/Tasks 10. Ways of Marketing 0 There are many different ways of marketing short films. But the conventional way is through the use of Social Media websites such as: YouTube; Facebook; Google+; Twitter and Tumblr. The reason they market the films this way is because the short film is then distributed to a wider audience and more people will see the short film. The reason this occurs is because the directors or even producers of the short films want these film noticed by someone of a higher power in the film industry, so through this hype that can be caused over the internet, the short film could be noticed. 0 I have used all the social media networks mentioned above to try and gain views and audience feedback for my film. The other thing that could challenge this is that one of my reasons for using social media to distribute my work is that many of the users that social media is targeted at are my targeted audience so this is a great way to distribute my short film to my target audience. 11. Type Of Poster 0 There are many different types of posters, this include: Iconic; Interest; Name Drop; and Character. These posters are created to create interest for the film itself. There are slight differences between short film and major feature film posters. These are listed on my Film Poster Conventions post. 0 Within my poster I have tried to keep it as simplistic/minimalistic as possible so it fits in with the tone of the rest of my products. It also keeps it separate from other posters as they can be quite cluttered to attract an audience to the film. 0 My poster is a mix of an Iconic and a Interest poster. This is because of the images I have used. The top image of George in the white room is an iconic picture from the short film, yet the middle section photo is a picture that shows George circling articles, this gives away a part of the films plot thus allowing the poster to create interest. 0 Another thing I have challenged when creating my poster is the use of more than one photo. I have used two. Many poster only use one photo for the whole poster. Unless it is a multiple famous cast film or a comedy. Yet this film is not a comedy and it only has two actors/characters within the film too! 12. Titles and Names 0 All posters have a title and the named cast on the poster this is to create interest about the film itself and the cast that feature within the film. This poster is not for a short film that is originally well known or a sequel to another so It requires a title. 0 The title of the movie is present at the bottom section of the poster. Whereas the cast has been placed at the bottom of the poster. This is so that they dont look