Melbourne noir

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Mysterious, sexy, dangerous

Shady characters

Where does the truth lie?

The rough part of town

Her cheekbones were sharp enough to cut cheese

Your mission is to shoot some noir video on your mobile phone.

In small groups (3 people)

Shoot a couple of different shots:

For example, an establishing scene

Some short breathless dialogue

I heard a scream from over there..

A little cursory acting

There were footsteps behind me, but when I looked no-one was there

Please record interviewees and actors inside. It is very noisy on the street.Establishing shots may be outside and silent.You can shoot street scenes without permissionYou need permission to shoot on private property (eg, inside a shop).Maximum 15 second shots

Shoot in landscape (not portrait)Rest your phone on a surface to reduce wobbleConsider the lightingDont try to do too much actingThe sound quality will be very poor, so minimise dialogueMaximum 15 second shotsIf possible use a black and white filter

You have 60 minutes (including this presentation)

You dont need to tell a story

Your video will be uploaded for editing later in the semester.

When you edit, everyone will share all the footage (and photos)

Any questions?

Hmmm, I wonder what

might look like?

The clock is ticking

creditsPhotos on flickr:

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