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Mindfulness For Students

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A short Presentation and a guided meditation youtube clip at the end, to calm your students and give them a break from their frantic worlds

Text of Mindfulness For Students

  • 1. Mindfulness What it is? Why do it? How to do it

2. What is mindfulness? Focusing your mind on the present. To be mindful is to be aware of your thoughts and actions in the present, without judging yourself. 3. Are you on auto pilot? When was the last time you stopped and really noticed your surroundings? 4. Thoughts washing round and round in your head ? Mindfulness creates a different state of mind. 5. How much homework will we get tonight? Call Mum... Do I have enough money for lunch? Is my hair ok? We are always thinking.. 6. Take a break Research proves Mindfulness meditation improves health and mood. It decreases stress, depression and eating disorders. 7. Stop Take a breath Observe Proceed Technique 8. Slow down. Take a few deep breaths. Observe yourself without judgment. Proceed in the present moment. Stop........................ 9. Just for the moment. If its not working right now, dont force it. Just bring your thoughts back to the present. 10. Breathe Use your breath as an object of awareness. Allow the breath to flow naturally and simply be aware of it. Do not try to control the breath. 11. Do it washing up... Be more present in your daily activities especially doing the washing up! Be in the moment... 12. Try it Walking... Be more present walking. Try a walking meditation. 13. How about eating? Be mindful when you eat. Yum savour the moment. 14. Any time, any place, anywhere You can be mindful anywhere in the world, at home, in school. It only takes a minute to be fully present in the moment... 15. A simple mindful exercise Eat a raisin mindfully... Touch it Squash it Smell it Hear it Chew it What was your experience like ? 16. Sit, be in your body, notice how you are doing in this moment. Guided mindful meditation 17. Take time to be mindful 18. Then go back into the world... . Practice mindfulness in everything you do.

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