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  1. 1. Mise en scene means placing on stage by merging elements that is needed to complete the scene will create overall effects of horror film in order to scare the audience.
  2. 2. Our location was Mushrif Park, we chose this place as it seems creepy and it gives a hint to the audience that something bad will happen later or now. We showed them that at first everything is calm and the couple is happy with each other and there is no problem at all, showing them their normal lives, living in normal place, and everything that happens is very realistic and relatable. This therefore creates a sense that the people watching feel more vulnerable as they compare their lives to the ones on screen, as the horror part starts on screen it gives the illusion that it is just as possible for it to happen to the audience watching as the have normal lives similar to those in the film creating a much more scarier feel using this type of convention nothing is out of the ordinary until the horror starts. SETTING
  3. 3. PROPS Many horror films incorporate a weapon of some description, ranging from all sorts of things, guns, knives, tools, traps , even garden or house hold appliances. Moreover, props are used to hint something horror is going to happen like for example I have seen in movies cross sign is used to give a religious view people usually think this works to protect themselves. In our movie we didnt need to use any sort of weapon or prop as it was not needed. Firstly, our location we chose gives a hint about the horror moment so we didnt really needed anything and also that our opening sequence showed the killer just in the end so there was no need of any sort of weapon to make him kill someone or attack during the opening sequence.
  4. 4. Despite the varied lighting choices at the start of horror films towards the end all trailer opt for creating the same effects using the concept of low key lighting, this is common with all horror films. But in our movie we didnt need any lighting as it was sunny and our whole movie was just about one day. So our lighting was only the natural sunlight.
  5. 5. With costume in our opening sequence they are clean and bright, suggesting their trouble free lives, represented to be completely normal. Showing the audience their perfect normal lives, wearing normal clothes. The girl is wearing pretty clean make up to show that they are just like you and me ordinary people that the audience can represent themselves to be like. Antagonist costume were jet black clothes to make it feel that he is the antagonist. His make-up was done by me as I wanted to give the scary look I painted his face making it seem scarier and a creepy killer affect.
  6. 6. We showed that the couple is very happy with their lives, they have a normal living life and there are no problems or issues between them or anyone. They are walking in a park where there are people but still no one to help them. The antagonists shot is when he is looking at them together and following them the whole time he looks angry and want to kill the guy. We showed some seconds of the killer behind the woods without revealing his identity. In the end when the girl walks away the killers comes and attacks the guy and the opening sequence ends here.
  7. 7. Camera shots we used were: Mid-shot: Wide shot: Full shot/long shot: Mid close-up:
  8. 8. Point of view shot: Establishing shot: Cont Two shot:
  9. 9. Pan Handheld Steadicam Dolly Zoom
  10. 10. framing Rule of thirds Depth of field-shallow focus
  11. 11. Action match Cut-away Insert Graphic match Shot/reverse shot Crosscutting Jumpcut Parallel editing Other transitions: Fade in Fade out Long take Short take Post-production
  12. 12. Diegetic Non-diegetic Sound effects Soundtrack: Ambient sound Score