MobileMonday Austria #11 - Usability - Next generation UI - Microsoft Kinect

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Text of MobileMonday Austria #11 - Usability - Next generation UI - Microsoft Kinect

  • 1. Andreas SchabusMicrosoft Next Generation UIMicrosoft Kinect

2. Next Generation UI? 3. The Evolution of UIsNatural User Interfaces?GraphicalUser productivity User human syntaxInterfacesimages & videostouch, gestures, Commandicons, menus conversational, Line keyboard intent mouse computer syntax,Batchtoo detailed1940s-1950s1960s-1970s1980s-today tomorrow Time 4. Natural User Interfaces (NUIs)Minority Report, 2002 5. In Germany, 79% think NUI will improve their quality of life 6. In Germany, 82% think NUI will stimulate the economy 7. NUI Input Methods SingleFacial Recognition TouchSpatialRecognitionMulti- TouchComputerAugmentedVisionRealityTouch Pen Input Gesture Sensing Voice Command Audio Natural Recognition Speech AmbientNoise GeospatialSensing Mind controlAccelerometersBiometrics BrainSensorsAmbient Waves Mood RecognitionLight 8. NUI Output Methods SpeechSynthesisAudioHapticAudibleFeedback Feedback TactileTactile Feedback ForceGraphical FeedbackInterfaceVisualVisualFeedbackAvatar 9. Bionic Contact Lenses 10. Muscle Sensing ArmbandMeasure electrical activity with Electromyography (EMG) 11. Today? 12. Touch Hardware EcologyCapacitive Capacitive Infrared Vision system Stylus 13. Horizontal Vertical 14. Microsoft Kinect 15. Microsoft Kinect3D DEPTH SENSORSRGB CAMERAMULTI-ARRAY MICMOTORIZED TILT 16. Kinect for Windows SDK 17. NUI Skeleton Tracking 18. Thank You!