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Learn why to use mobile learning in modern languages. See examples from listening, speaking, reading, writing and culture. Focus on using mobile for language communication, not drill and practice.


  • 1. Using Mobile Devicesin the Modern Language ClassoomHarry Grover Tuttle, Ed.D.htuttlebs@gmail.comPhoto Credit:">ebayink via

2. Why mobile?Most students have and know how to use.Students already use it for communication.Mobile gives instant access to authenticmaterials.Mobile provides learning anywhere or anytime. 3. Why mobile: PersonalizeStudents usemobile picturesto show whatthey did on theweekend andexplain thedetails toanother student. 4. Why mobile: Bring the Outside World inStudents use amobile pictureto show a realdining room,their own, andto contrast itwith the diningroom of theirspeakingpartner. 5. A sampling of mobile activitiesPhoto Credit s13n1 via 6. ListeningStudents use theirmobile devices to listento weather reports fromvarious target languagecountries and thencontrast the weather. Gonmi via 7. SpeakingStudents record on theirmobile device their dailyroutine and narrate it asthey show it to theirpartner.Photo Credit: via Compfight 8. ReadingStudents read sportsnews on their mobile. 9. WritingStudents use their mobile device to text additionalsentences to a story the teacher starts.Its Saturday. I sleep late....Photo Credit:>thejbird via 10. CultureStudents usea mobiledevice to seemanypictures of aplace, notjust the onefrom thetextbook. 11. your students modernlanguage communication andculture awareness throughmobile learning tools and apps.Use these easy-to-integrateactivities to engage yourstudents in in-class and out-of-class learning in fourteendifferent categories of mobilelearning. Have them participatein authentic culture throughthese mobile activities.Harry Grover Tuttle