MOOCs -Gamechanger or Buzzword Bingo?

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Presentation which recreates the MOOCs impact debate from FoTE'12 at the College of north West London's staff development event in July 2013.


  • 1. MOOCs Gamechanger or Buzzword Bingo? Philip Butler, Senior e-Learning Adviser, ULCC Evan Dickerson, JISC RSC London

2. @moodleprof #CNWL1MOOC 3. Outline of Session @moodleprof #CNWL1MOOC Introductions What is a MOOC Activity - Gamechanger or Buzzword? What are the key issues? CNWL Decides ! Prepare and Present your case. Vote - For or against Summing up and Conclusions 4. Learning in the 21st Century We are witnessing the transformation of teaching and learning through the use of technology. MOOCs are here to stay! Predict to bring down costs of higher education. @moodleprof #CNWL1MOOC 5. The 21st Century Learner We need to educate citizens for new types of work @moodleprof #CNWL1MOOC 6. The Successful Learner Values Autonomy Authenticity Connecting & Sharing Creativity Individuality Constant Stimulation @moodleprof #CNWL1MOOC 7. The Successful Learner Priorities Friends Fun Music Real-time interaction Self presentation @moodleprof #CNWL1MOOC 8. The Successful Learner Likes Devices & Phones Identities Cool Stuff Stuff Friends like New Stuff @moodleprof #CNWL1MOOC 9. The Successful Learner Hates Complexity Bad Design Cost Things that get in the way of expression @moodleprof #CNWL1MOOC 10. Learning in the 21st Century The transformation of our institutions and how we teach is the biggest challenge we face today. Our task today is to think about where MOOCs fit #eFactor2013@ulcc 11. Thank you @ulcc #eFactor2013 Philip Butler Senior e-Learning Adviser @moodleprof