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struggle of MOSSMA or Monte de Oro Small Scale Miners Association for declaration of Balabag as Minahang Bayan


  • 1.We all believe in the integrity of creation and convinced that there is. ONLY ONE EARTHWhich God commanded MAN to have dominion, sharedthe bounty and responsibility as HIS Rightful Steward.

2. BUT...WHAT IN THE HELL DIDMAN DO TO HISONLY HOME??? 3. Porphyry Cu beltsPhilippinesPorphyry Cu beltsMining Philippines 2005 Slide 4 4. THE MINING INDUSTRY :BRIEF OVERVIEW PHILIPPINE MINING DATES BACK TO 16TH CENTURY RICH DIVERSITY IN BOTH METALLIC AND NON-METALLICMINERAL RESOURCES SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION TO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTOF THE COUNTRY & SKILL TRAINING OF WORKFORCE INDUSTRY SUBJECT TO GROWING SOCIAL NEEDS ANDDEMANDS, COUPLED WITH GREATER AWARENESS ANDACTIVISM FAST EVOLVING REGULATORY REGIMES PHIL. MININGACT OF 1995 (RA No. 7942) AND THE PEOPLES SMALL-SCALE MINING ACT OF 1991. ONGOING REVITALIZATION OF THE MINERALS INDUSTRYWITHIN THE CONTEXT OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 5. ONSHORE MINERAL RESOURCESMineral Land Distribution(In Hectares)1.4%30.0% Total Land Area of the Philippines68.6% Geologically Prospective Areas for Metallic Minerals Total Land Area Covered by Approved Mining Tenements Only 1.4% are covered bymining permits 9 million hectares more ofpotential sites for metallicminerals 6. OPERATING MINES2 Big mines:Victoria Gold Mine Padcal Copper Mine 3 Medium-scale chromite minesMasinloc Project of Benguet Corp.,Omasdang Project of Crau MineralsHomonhon Project of Heritage Res. 4 Medium-scale nickel minesRio Tuba Nickel MineCagdianao Nickel MineTaganito Nickel MineSigbanog Project of HMC 5 medium-scale gold minesCanatuan Project of TVIAcupan SSM Operations of BenguetDiwalwal Direct State DevelopmentProject of NRDCBanahaw Gold Project of PhilsagaMining Corp.Johson Gold Mining Corp. in Panganiban 15 Cement plants and2005 Slide 7 Mining Philippines quarries 7. 1 Potential areas and deposits: 21.Luzon Central Cordillera Au, 42.Northern Sierra Madre Cr, Ni, 3 53.Zambales Cr, Ni, Co, Pt, Cu, Au4.Vizcaya-Aurora Cu, Au5.Bicol Au, Fe, Cu 66.Southern Tagalog Cu, Au, Ni, 78 7.Central Visayas Cu, Au, Mn8.Samar-Eastern Mindanao Au,9 9.North Central Mindanao Cr, Cu,12 1010.Zamboanga Peninsula Au, Cu,11.Southern Mindanao Cu, Au12.Palawan Cr, Ni, Co, Pt, Au, 11Mining Philippines 2005 Slide 8 8. MAJOR DISCOVERIESFAR SOUTHEAST porphyrycopper - gold deposit RESERVE: 163 million tons with 0.81% copper and 1.76 grams per ton gold; 1.8 Cu eq.BOYONGAN porphyrycopper - gold deposit RESOURCE: 300 million tons with 0.6% copper and 1 gram per ton gold.TAMPAKAN porphyrycopper - gold deposit RESOURCE: 700 million tons with 0.81% copper and 0.32 gram per ton gold 9. PIPELINE PROJECTS DIDIPIO porphyry copper - gold deposit (20.4 MMt, 0.65% Cu, 1.7 g/t Au) RAPU-RAPU polymetallic deposit (7 MMt, 2.61g/t Au, 14 g/t Ag, 1.24% Cu, 2.06% Zn) AROROY gold deposit (71.3 MMt, 1.34 g/t Au) PALAWAN HPP Project (11.5 MMt, 2.3% Ni) CANATUAN gold project (954,763 Mt, 3.81 g/t Au; 1.4 MMt, 2.6% Cu, 1.61% Zn, 1.07 g/t Au, 63.3 g/t Au) DIWALWAL gold deposit (>6 MMt, 0.8 g/t Au) 10. OTHER PROJECTSCOPPERBATONG-BUHAY porphyrycopper-gold project (85.9 MMt,0.6% Cu, 0.25 g/t Au, 2.7 g/t Ag)SAN ANTONIO porphyry copperproject (178.3 MMt, 0.44% Cu,0.09 g/t Au, 1.19 g/t Ag)ATLAS porphyry copperproject (872 MMt, 0.41% Cu)AMACAN porphyry copper- goldproject (110 MMt,0.3% Cu, 0.43g/tAu; 133 MMt, 1.5-10 g/t Au)KINGKING porphyry copper-gold project (353.5 MMt, 0.39%Mining Philippines 2005 Slide 11Cu, 0.44 g/t Au 11. OTHER PROJECTSGOLDTERESA gold project (7.3 MMt,5.29 g/t Au)SIANA gold project (18.8 MMt,1.9 g/t Au)DIWALWAL gold project (9.7MMt, 7.0 g/t Au) 12. OTHER PROJECTS NICKELMINDORO nickel project (>200MMt, 0.94% Ni)NONOC nickel project (60 MMt,1.13% Ni, 0.094% Co, 33.31% Fe)ADLAY project (18 MMt, 1.6%Ni, 0.1% Co) 13. Other Mineral Exploration1) Projects Cordillera Au (Anglo-American) - Benguet2) Surigao Cu (Climax) Surigao del Norte3) Siana Au (Red 5) Surigao del Norte4) Labo Au and Leyte Au (Indophil) Camarines Norte & Southern Leyte5) Nueva Vizcaya Au, Southern Leyte Au,Surigao Au (Oxiana)6) Del Gallego Au (Phelps Dodge) Camarines Norte7) Pujada Ni (QNI/BHP-Billiton) DavaoOriental) 8) New Bataan Au (Sur American) Compostela Valley 9) Bayug Au (ZMC) Zamboanga del Sur 10) Pan de Azucar Au and Lobo Cu-Au(MRL) Iloilo & Batangas 11) Zambales Platinum (Kinloch Res.) - Zambales 12) Mabuhay Au (Pelican) Surigaodel Norte 13) Libona Au (Great Horizon) - BukidnonMining Philippines 2005 Negros14) Pamplona Sulfur (Crew Dev) Slide 14 Oriental 14. OFFSHORE RESOURCESMagnetite Philippines offshore area including EEZ 2.2 million Km2 GoldChromite Potential offshore mineral resources: Magnetite Placer minerals including gold, Manganese chromite, magnetite, silicaChromite Offshore Palawan also holds resources of manganese Magnetite Aggregate resources (sand & gravel) Decorative stones, manganese nodules/encrustrations with Goldassociated copper, gold, zinc, cobaltChromite Polymetallic sulphide deposits containing gold, copper, cobalt, etc.Chromite 15. Minerals in MindanaoMetallic Reserves:3.6 million tonsGold ore deposits : 48.85% of countrys total Nickel stocks : 63.1% of countrys totalNon-metallic reserves: 8.6 billion tonsCoal deposits: 37.5 million 16. MananwaMISAMIS ORIENTAL Banwaon HigaononAgusan ManoboMISAMIS CARAGA REGIONOCCIDENTAL LANAO NORTE ZAMBO NORTE TalaandigUmayamnon Manobo BUKIDNON Subanon AttaRaja Kabungs ZAMBO SUR BukidnonMonobo LANAO SUR ZAMBO SIBUGAY DAVAODibabawon Manguangan COMPOSTELAVALLEY Cotabato CityN. COTABATO Matigsalog MandayaManuvu Tiruray BagoboDAVAO OR.ZAMBOANGA CITY DAVAO CITY MAGUINDANAOMansakaLambangianKalagan TagakaoloS. KUDARAT Tboli BASILAN DAVAO SUR S. COTABATO Ata Manobo Cotabato Manobo Blaan Ubo SARANGANI Saranggani Manobo Taga Kaylo ClaganMINDANAO Etno-linguistic distribution 17. ZAMBO. MINERAL CORP. (ZMC)-MPSA AREA 4,799ha. approved Nov. 20, 1997-exploration / SSM only 20ha. occupied since 1987 to present 18. The 1987 Philippines Constitution explicitlyrecognizes the existences of small scaleminers and their entitlement to the utilizationof natural resources. Thus, the thirdparagraph of sec. 2 of Article XII of the 1987constitution provides that Congress may,by law, allow small scale utilization ofnatural resources by Filipino citizensThus, on June 27, 1991, Congress enactedR.A 7076, otherwise known as the PeoplesSmall-scale Mining Act of 1991. 19. BALABAG HILL, DEPORE, BAYOG, ZAMBOANGADEL SURMOSSMAS FRONTIER FOR PEOPLESSMALL SCALE MINING VENTURES. 20. MAP OF BALABAG HILL 21. SMALL SCALE MINERS ESTABLISHMENTS AND HOUSES & ITS ACTIVITIES 22. TUNNEL & UNDERGOUND WORKERS RODMILLING BASICOPERATION OF SMALL MINERS IN GRINDING ORES THATCONTAINS GOLD rodmill-ballmill.3gpcrushing ore for rodmill.3gpcrushingorequartz containing gold.3gp 23. ISSUES AND CONCERNS IN THE MINING INDUSTRY:I. Collateral damage of uncontrolled mining activities resulting to Environmental Degradation & DeteriorationDestruction of settlements Landslides Siltation of rivers & waterways 24. ISSUES AND CONCERNS IN THE MINING INDUSTRY:II. Below standard safety mining operations 25. ISSUES AND CONCERNSII. Below standard crudeprocessing procedures 26. ISSUES AND CONCERNS IN THE MINING INDUSTRYIII. UNHEALTHY & UNSANITARY CONDITIONS IN MINING AREAS 27. IV. POLICY ISSUES AND CONCERNS OVERLAPPING OF MINING RIGHTS/CLAIMS BETWEEN LARGESCALE & SMALL SCALE APPLICATIONS UNDEFINED NATURAL BOUNDARIES BETWEEN LGUs THATRESULTS TO CONFLICT ON MINERAL EXTRACTION REVENUES SHARE OF MINING TAXES PAID DIRECTLY TO NATIONALTREASURY ARE NOT REMITTED TO THE LGUs LOW REVENUE GENERATION OF LGUs vis--visPROLIFERATIONOF SS MINING IN THE PROVINCE VOLUMINOUS & CIRCUITOUS PERMITTING PROCEDURESON SSM and LARGE SCALE MINING APPLICATIONPARTICULARLYON SECURING FREE AND PRIOR INFORMED CONCENT (FPIC) LESS INVESTMENT ON VALUE ADDING OF MINERALFROM NCIPRESOURCES OUTDATED SMALL SCALE MINING LAW (RA 7076) TO CURRENTSITUATIONS IN THE SMALL SCALE MINING AREAS 28. The assembly of the members of Monte de Oro Small Scale MinersAssociation (MOSSMA) held at Tinago area at Sitio Balabag, Depore, Bayog 29. Monte de OroSmall Scale Miners Association, Inc. (MOSSMA)SEC REG. NO. G199700247Peoples MinePeoples business 30. MOSSMA being a peoples mine adheres to the NEW PARADIGM ON MINING MOSSM GovernmentA works public action for publicgoodwith the Three SocietalThe Common Domains Good/ The Common GroundCivil SocietyBusiness Sector 35 private action for publicprivate action for privategoodgood 31. Challenges for MOSSMA The ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES is not only a PART of the ECONOMY;local ECONOMY depends on the ENVIRONMENT;Given the reality in the ground, MOSSMA IS HOLDING ON TO ITS GUIDING PRINCIPLE IN PURSUING ITS DEVELOPMENTAGENDA with the participation of the LOCAL STAKEHOLDERSMOSSMA defines its organizational VALUES andits ECONOMIC goals and objectives in order to chart out theENVISIONED FUTURE?Formulate organizational Vision, Mission, Goals & 32. MOSSMAs Vission establish a progressive small scale mining industry with community support and strong network with local government units, development agencies and Non-Governmentorganizations.Aspire to become active promoter and advocate of good practices and betterconceived approaches for meeting the poverty challenge and help build sustainable communities and sustainablelocal economies.37 33. MOSSMAs MissionMOSSMA IS A PEOPLES MINE ANDTHE PEOPLES BUSINESS committedto improve the quality of life of thepeople through collective conduct ofresponsible mining activities, byfollowing statutory laws & policies,guidelines and regulations with thetechnical support and assistancefrom concerned agencies and officesboth local and national. 34. Goals1. To establish a legitimate peoples mineral industry following the standard set by laws and other environmental and natural resources guidelines.2. To contribute to the improvement of the local economy and the economic well-being of the