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Music Video Analysis

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2. PROPSIn this shot we see a close up of a heart monitor.This prop here to emphasise the charactersdeath.This shot is a mid shot of the artist drinkingAlcohol. The props we see in this image are theBottle of alcohol, the plastic cup and a fakeRoll up. These have been put in here asConventions to highlight the location the artist isAt. 3. COSTUME/MAKE UPThe costumes that are used In thisScene are the nurses uniform andA long white trench coat toRepresent the doctors. They use theseCostumes to add to the mise en sceneOf the artist in a hospital.The make up used in this shot is veryEffective as they have created bloodAnd scars to add to the severity of theCharacters injuries.In this scene we see the characterHolding two costumes deciding what toWear. As she is doing so we see a rackFocus from the characters shoes to theArtists facial expression judging her taste. 4. LOCATIONIn this scene we see the artist driving a car hastilyThrough a busy street. They make the location lookVery busy due to the editing. For example they useFast pace editing of different shots of the artistweaving through cars to make the atmosphere seemBusier.The location in this scene is a crowded house party.We know this because of the props, lighting and howThe editing is done. For example the lighting in thehouse is very dim and the atmosphere is crowdedSuggesting that the characters are in a party.In this scene we see the artist and another characterCuddling in what we presume is their house. WePresume it is their house as the mise en scene isConnotative of a stereotypical house. For exampleWe see empty beer bottles and untidy furniture. WeAlso presume it is their house as he has got his footUp on the coffee table and it is seen respectful to notDo so if the person is in a guest house. 5. ICONOGRAPHICAL OFTHE GENREWithin the music video there many stylistic conventions thatare iconographical of the genre which is pop rock. Forexample the costumes and how the main artist isrepresented, the props that are used within the video arestylistic to other pop rock music videos. For example the waythe character is represented in the music video we can link tothe pop rock genre as he has many tattoos which can beconnotative of other pop rock artist. This appeals to theaudience because the hybridisation of genres is covering awider range of people. 6. NARRATIVEThis music video just like other videos this artist has creatednarrative. We know this as the artist is following the story ofhis girlfriends death. We know that he isn't performing as thevideo does not consist of any lip syncing.


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