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Examples to help you learn about these odd looking bar codes in promoting any information you can think of. The presenter is currently experimenting with codes on handouts, flyers, job fair employer signs, etc.

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What are QR Codes and how can they be used in Career Services?

Rick Smith, PhD

Director, Career Development

Smith Career Center

Bradley University

What are QR Codes?

QR = Quick Response

Two-dimensional barcodes that, when scanned, bring users from one source to online content

Used to enhance current marketing materials thereby creating an integrated marketing campaign

Sample Articles

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Tools to use


Kaywa QR-Code Generator -

Google URL Shortener -

Useful for analytics


QR Stuff -


QR Stuff -

Google Goggles

Various barcode apps via iTunes and the Android Marketplace


Provide instructions *Scan this code with a QR reader on your mobile device

Try to include a URL, if possible and use a shortener

Think strategically who will use, when will it be used, how can it be accessed, is it relevant, is your office being consistent

Examples of Usage

Newspaper Ads


TV/Media Monitors

Business Cards

Table Signs/Tents

Info Guides


Basically, anywhere the QR Code can be seen and scanned

Unique Examples

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