My initial ideas for my music magazine front cover

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  1. 1. My initial ideas for my front cover Lucy Brownnutt
  2. 2. These examples of front covers are both taken from indie music magazines featuring indie artists Lana del rey and Arctic monkeys. I like the colours that are used on these examples. Mainly the reds, the yellows and the dark effect of the pictures. I dont necessarily like the pinks as I dont think pink represents indie music. I like how they have mentioned festivals as indie music is now plays a massive part in festivals. I also like how it has been written inside a circle, I think it adds a nice effect to the front cover as then all the text isnt positioned the same and it also makes it stand out.
  3. 3. As the featured images of the front cover seem to be bright but have a certain dark effect to it, I think that I am going to take my original image out doors so it is bright but do it in a dark like area and put the person in my image in dark clothes. I am using Kayyah as the main feature of my front cover, she has dark hair and I will do her make up dark, this will also bring this effect to the front cover.
  4. 4. Again on this example of an indie magazine front cover they have used reds and yellows for their text and again mentioned festivals. They have included 2 other images along with the main image. I would like to have other images on my front cover along with the main image. I think I am going to position the other images along the bottom of my front cover. The name of the magazine has a white outline and this makes it stand out from the other text therefore I would like to do this with my magazine name which is indigo
  5. 5. Inspirations for my front cover