NCET Tech Bite | Allegra Demerjian, Social Media Ads | Aug 2016

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  • Using Social Media Advertising to Boost your Bottom Line

    Allegra Demerjian

  • About Me

    Digital Director at The Abbi Agency

    Experience with social, SEO, online advertising, web

    Experience with all types of social ad sets

    @allegradem @theabbiagency

  • Social Advertising FAQs

    How much do social media ads cost? Arent they expensive? There is no minimum or set cost.

    Isnt advertising for new fans the same as buying fans? In a word, no.

    Is my audience even on social media? 100%, absolutely, yes. Just depends where on social media

    Im already active on socialisnt that enough? Do I really need social ads? You decide

  • people aged 54-64 are more than

    2x as likely to engage

    with branded content than those 28 or


    Why Advertise?

    80% of consumers are likely to buy more

    often from a brand based on their social

    media presence

    68% of consumers are

    researching brands on social media before

    they make a purchase

    social media ad spending is expected to exceed $35B by 2017

  • Why Advertise?

    Mobile ads have 9.1x higher

    click-through rates than normal web ads

    Reported 1.57 billion daily active users this summer

    40 million active small business pages but only 2 million pay for advertising

    Ad recall from sponsored

    posts is 2.9x higher than Nielsens norms

    Reported 300 million daily active users this year

  • Why Advertise?

    Three words: social media algorithms

  • 8 Steps to Your Social Ad Strategy

    1. Goal & Budget 2. Audience 3. Social Platform 4. Ad Type 5. Creative 6. Launch 7. Test & Optimize 8. Wrap Up

  • 1: Select Your Goal & Budget

  • Advertising Goals

    Drive awareness & engagement

    Increase video views

    Increase website


    Increase traffic to website

    Grow email subscribers

    Encourage app downloads

    Grow your fanbase

    Promote an offer/deal

    Increase sales and purchases

  • What does it cost?

    Pro Tip: Set up a few test

    campaigns and play with budget most social ad

    platforms give an estimate of performance pre-launch

    On most social platforms, $1 is minimum

    advertising cost.

    Results depend on amount of budget you put in.

  • 2: Choose your Audience

  • How do you want to Target your Audience?

    Demographic (age, gender, education, income, ethnicity, work, relationships, life events)

    Location (zip codes, cities, radius to your business)

    Interests (hobbies, food & drink, activities)

    Behaviors (donating, shopping) Search Terms Keywords Job Function

  • 3: Select your Social Platform

  • Facebook

    Widest and most advanced Variety of ad types

    Largest audience on social media

    Most specific targeting options

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

    All visual content (photos & videos)

    Connected to Facebook targeting and audience

    Ability to link users to websites

  • Twitter

    Ideal for engagements and website visits

    Target users by keywords and hashtags they use

    Visuals and cards can boost your Twitter campaign

  • Pinterest LinkedIn

    Ideal for online shopping Useful for owned content

    Great to use for recruiting Powerful targeting capabilities

  • YouTube Snapchat

    Promote videos and encourage views Target by keywords and search terms

    Sponsored filters are available to public Ideal to use if you have large ad budgets

  • 4: Pick your Ad Type

  • Ad Types

    Promoted (or boosted) post

    Email Subscribers


    Video ad



    Fan building

    Website Click-throughs


  • 5: Develop your Creative

  • Best Practices for Social Ad

    Creative Follow rules of each outlet Use a strong call to action

    (CTA) Fit in with the newsfeed Use powerful visuals Keep your audience in mind

    and make it relevant Have a seamless landing

    page Be mobile-friendly Use video! And make it


  • Not all Creative is Created Equal

  • Not all Creative is Created Equal

  • Not all Creative is Created Equal

  • 6: Launch your Campaign

  • 7: Test & Optimize

  • A/B Testing & Optimization

    Try using

    different copy, visuals, calls-to-action, ad formats, etc.

    Let them run for

    a week, then evaluate next steps

    5% CTR, increase budget

    3.3% CTR, decrease budget

  • 8: Wrap Up & Report

  • How to Measure Success

    Impressions, Engagement & Engagement Rate Click Through Rate (CTR)

    Cost per Click (CPC) Conversion Rate

  • Reporting: Performance

    Use reporting metrics that match with your goals

  • Reporting: Demographics

    Use reporting metrics that match with your goals

  • Reporting: Placement

    Use reporting metrics that match with your goals

  • Example Ad Campaign #1

    How-to Video for Moms

    Your company sells diapers

    Created a series of videos on reusing diaper boxes Want to encourage awareness

    1: Goal & Budget

    2: Audience

    3: Platform

    4: Ad Type

    5: Creative

    6: Launch

    7: Test

    8: Report

  • Example Ad Campaign #2

    Local Restaurant

    You are opening a new Mexican restaurant in Reno

    Want to promote grand opening and long-term awareness

    1: Goal & Budget

    2: Audience

    3: Platform

    4: Ad Type

    5: Creative

    6: Launch

    7: Test

    8: Report

  • Just Getting Started?

    Tried some Facebook? Graduate on to

    Instagram Ads

    Start with

    Facebook Advertising

  • Ready to get more Advanced?

    Build out Custom Audiences within Facebook to reach previous customers, web visitors, leads or subscribers

    Incorporate conversion codes to tailor your reporting

    Expand to other channels, like Pinterest and LinkedIn

  • Thank you


    @allegradem @theabbiagency