NCET Tech Bite | Brett Simmons, Social Media Lessons | Sept 2016

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Excellence is a form of deviance

Bret L. Simmons, Ph.D.NCET, September 28, 2016

What have we learned aboutsocial media?

Lets talkAre you active on SM? Why or why not?What have you learned?Any predictions for the next 5 years of SM?What Ive learnedKey performance technology


How do you spend most of your time?TalkTextE-mailSocial MediaOther

Never started?Quit?Currently active?What have you learned?Predictions?

What Ive learned in 8 yearsPrivacyAuthenticityProfessional discretion

Never trust any site to protect your privacy

Never post anything, anytime, anywhere that you would not be comfortable with anyone seeingIf it were posted on the wall of your office, would it make any of your colleagues, customers, or employees uncomfortable? If so, dont post it onlineOperational Privacy

Operational Privacy The sooner you behave as if you have no privacy online, the more effective you will beUse your online presence to build bridges, not walls

We dont need Facebook or Twitter to authenticate our lives

Professional Discretion Just because you can post, comment, share, like, etc. does not mean that you should.

Professionally PersonalEverything you do reflects on your business

Why risk offending anyone?

Be a signal in an ocean of noise

Core Performance Technology:The ability to outlearn your competitors

Yesterdays home runs dont win todays games

Babe Ruth

Bret L. Simmons, Ph.D.32


Bret L. Simmons, 336-9576