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LeisureWorld and Techboomers Partnership Launch Party

Teaching Digital Literacy with and Other Online ResourcesSteve BlackFounder,

Meet SteveSoftware engineering student turned professional poker playerIn 2007, built a social network for poker players, PokerSpace.comSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant since 2013Seeking a more purposeful entrepreneurial opportunity, launched in January 2015.Work from home so I can hangout and run with my dog Samson everyday


Inspired By My Mom, LindaUsed email activelyDid some online bankingAnd dabbled with other websitesWas interested in learning more

Free Long Distance Calling with Video Chat

Share Photos and Post Updates with Family and Friends

Unlimited commercial-free TV and movies!Thousands of shows and movies to choose fromOnly $8.99 versus paying the $70 cable bill!

Makes Life EasierSave money

More SocialLifelong Learning

Technology Can Improve Life in Many Ways

Most importantly Digital literacy will protect you onlineEverything is going online whether you like it or not. So you need to:Understand the dangers of the Internet: safety and privacyUse proper protection: antivirus software, password managers, etc.Use best practices when it comes to online safety and privacyStay up-to-date about new Internet threats and risks

But How To Get started?I lived an hour awayThe article and video tutorials I did find were:Out-of-dateMissing informationConfusingNot in a structured learning environment

The Internet Can Be Overwhelming

Can I trust this website?

How much will this really cost me?

How do I find the websites that are right for me?


What is this Twitter thing?

This is so confusing!

Introducing: TechBoomers.comOver 60 free courses and 900 video and article tutorialsNew course released every MondayCreate an account to track your course progress.Our mission: improve the quality of lives of older adults by empowering them to learn how to use technology

Teaching Technology All Over the WorldLast month, we taught over 95,000 people across 100 countries how to use technologyForecasting that number to grow to 750,000 monthly students a year from now

Top 10 Countries That Use Techboomers

How does TechBoomers make money?Courses will always be free for both users and our partnersFocus will be advertising websites and online services we teachWe will also look to establish sponsorship partners with different types of online sites and servicesWe are not and have no plans of selling usage data. Online privacy is important to us, our partners, and our users

Who was built for?

50+ Adult FocusBut is useful for anyone with limited computer skillsTech TeachersAnyone who teaches friends and family how to use technologyTech Training Organizations Libraries, retirement centers, non-profits, and many more.


Working with Tech Training OrganizationsThousands of libraries and nonprofits in North America teaching digital literacyMany create training materials on their ownEarly adopters who providing feedbackIn-person training goes hand-in-hand with online

Joining the Digital Inclusion CommunityMany types of websites, services, and tools:Tech training organizationsOnline safety-focused organizationsDigital inclusion organizationsCommunity websitesInteractive tools for computer basicsTraining material resources

Digital Literacy CommunitiesDigitalLearn.orgDigital literacy news, trends, tools, upcoming webinars, resources, etc.Sign up for bimonthly / TechSoupforLibrariesForums: forums.techsoup.orgWebinarsResources and news

Digital Literacy Interactive ToolsMouse mouse exercises For more search mouse exercises gamesKeyword exercises and resources

Free Educational (google only)DigitalLearn.orgDigitalUnite.comComputerHope.comDirectory

6 Ways To Leverage Educational ResourcesFree resource to direct students towardsShare courses and tutorials with social media followersUse our tutorials to supplement your current digital literacy classesCreate new programs based on our training materialsRun drop-in self-learning sessionsExpand your students knowledge by reposting

1. Free Resource for Students to Self-LearnRecommend TechBoomers when:You dont offer a class or program about the topicYou dont have time for one-on-one trainingYou arent familiar with a specific website or appDownload our flyer, postcard, and bookmark Add a link to TechBoomers on your

2. Share Content with Social Media FollowersMotivate and excite students about different types of websites and appsA wealth of worthy content to shareShare our course and tutorial pages directly from the sitesSign up for newsletters for

3. Training Materials to Use in Existing ProgramsDifficult and time consuming to maintain up-to-date training materials for websites and appsPrint article tutorials for handoutsShare tutorial videos with your studentsAssign online tutorials for homework to encourage continued learning at

4. Start New Classes with our Training MaterialsChoose from the 60+ website courses we offer:Social sites: Pinterest, Instagram, Skype, GmailEducational sites: Ancestry,, WebMD, WikipediaEntertainment sites: Overdrive, Netflix, SpotifyShopping sites: eBay, Amazon, EtsyLet us know what other websites youd like us to teach! has a great selection of courses on computer basics, operating systems, social media,

5. Run Drop-In Self-Learning SessionsRegular classes where students come in with their devices (or you provide them)Students choose a topic on TechBoomers, work their way through our tutorials, and ask questions as they come up.Benefits of this type of classEncourages self-learningTeach more students at a timeNo ongoing preparation for

6. Repost Articles From TechBoomers.comBlogging can be very time consumingWeve created a pool of 20+ articles you can repostTypes of posts:Intros to popular websites and appsImportant Internet safety and privacy tips Top 10 and Best of the Web, or email for more

26 Site

How to Engage and Motivate Students

steve@techboomers.comEstablishing relevance is most important task to help them past the My life is fine the way it is barrierMore relevance and less information early onGet to know them to find a targeted example of how technology can improve their lifeHobbies and passions, communication tools, lifestyle, frustrations, transportation, shopping methods, etc.

Stay connected with friends and familyFree and inexpensive communication toolsMeet new people with similar interestsReal-time news and information

steve@techboomers.comSocial Websites and Apps

Save money on just about everythingFree and less expensive entertainmentFree games: start with SolitaireClassified sites to buy used goodsDiscount and coupon websitesTravel booking and other vacation websites

Learn anything online for freeUniversity level coursesSearch for answers to any and all questionsDiscover new interests and passionsStay up-to-date with the world of tech and science

Technology can simply make life easier!Shop from the comfort of your own homeFile storage and other cloud-based appsGoogle Maps for directionsYelp to find a great place to eat out

Other Tips for Engaging Students

steve@techboomers.comCompare digital things you are doing with real-life actionsLessons should be as interactive as possibleHave students complete tasks in the momentEncourage self-learning as much as possible in the classroom and at homeOffer both video and text-based training materials when possible

4 Ways to Continuously Motivate Your Students

steve@techboomers.comProvide regular touchpoints with students to motivate them to try new online products and services using:Word of mouth Social mediaNewsletters: physical and digitalBlogging: look for quality guest bloggers

Webinar Poll: Help Us Decide Our Next

And what other topics would you like to see taught in the future?

Questions?Ideas?Suggestions? Slide deck: Email Me If Youd Like ToLearn more about TechBoomersJoin our partner mailing listLearn more about guest bloggingReceive flyers and bookmarks


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