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Never Ending Games

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2. Music Video: Never Ending Games 3 Minutes 10 Seconds Long Genre: Pop/Indie/RockYes, Its A Love Song!! But With A Male Twist!! 3. We have studied the Gym class heroes and hope to base our video production like one of theirs however we do have some original ideas that we are going to use. 4. Target audience

  • The target audience for this music video is the same audience that will listen to the song.
  • This audience mainly consists of people aged 13-23
  • The gender of the audience will be a mix or girls and boys.

5. Visual styles and camera work

  • The style of the shots taken will be really different and quirky.
  • The editing will be done with a multi-strand storyline, with several things going on at once.
  • The shots will be tightly edited cutting back and forth between different parts of the storyline.

6. Mise on scene and planned locations, costumes.etc

  • The Mise on scene in the music video will be based the storyline or the narrative structure.
  • Because the song is named never ending games and is based on a situation going back and forth, we will use symbolic games such as chess in order to relate to the theme.
  • So in our production we will need base what in the scene by what relates to the lyrics at that point in the song.

7. Narrative structure

  • The idea is to start the video with a situation and end in the same situation in a circular narrative.
  • For example on this case we may use them playing chess and at the end of the song there in the same position they were originally in.

8. Ancillary task 1

  • For the first ancillary task we were going to make a website.
  • This website will have the purpose of promoting the band.
  • starting with tour dates, to news, also pictures, and videos.
  • obviously to support the bands music it will need to be heard so the music will be streamed over the web.
  • I will also be able to collect users information so we can send out newsletters on big events that may happen.

9. Ancillary task 2 The stylistic element of the cd cover is based on something similar to this background picture. we need to include the title And other little pieces in order to make it worthy of being used as a cd cover. 10. Team roles

  • Ben planning the film and the ancillary task of making the website, camera work, directing, editing.
  • Charlie planning, and scheduling the film, also doing research to find out what is standard in terms or what is found with in a cd cover, also helping with camera work, and editing. Doing the changes to the cd cover for the ancillary tasks.

11. Conclusion

  • This production will allow us to demonstrate our creativity and technical skills within the music video by letting us have free reign over what the footage is about because music videos dont have be in a serious order and it will allow us to be more free with what we film.
  • The ancillary tasks allow us to show a good deal of technical skills by using css and htmlto do different things it will also allow us to show creativity with the design of the site using graphics custom made to fit the purpose of the site.