New Perspectives on Engaging Students and Teachers In the Classroom and Beyond

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Challenged with meeting the expectations of their 21st century learners, teachers are constantly trying to find ways to make their instruction more engaging in order to ultimately increase student achievement. Districts are also striving to increase teacher efficiency through organizational and planning tools, including aligning content with state learning standards. Join us for an interactive discussion with three Blackboard clients, (PA), OCM BOCES (NY) and Volusia County Schools (FL), who have had early access to our latest release, Blackboard Learn(TM)Release 9.1. They will share best practices around how Blackboard has been critical in helping them achieve their educational objectives, as well as reflect on the new K-12 functionality that will further enrich their programs and help them meet their goals.


<ul><li> 1. New Perspectives on Engaging Students and Teachers In the Classroom and Beyond<br />Wednesday, April 28, 2010<br />Rob Leo, CNYRIC/OCM BOCES<br />Jed Friedrichsen, <br />Pam Willingham, Volusia County Schools<br />Katie Gallagher, M.S., Solutions Engineer, Blackboard K-12<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Blackboard Learn for K-12 <br />Our Vision and Mission<br />Addressing Current Challenges<br />Q&amp;A<br /> 3. We may make statements regarding our product development and service offering initiatives, including the content of future product upgrades, updates or functionality in development. While such statements represent our current intentions, they may be modified, delayed or abandoned without prior notice and there is no assurance that such offering, upgrades, updates or functionality will become available unless and until they have been made generally available to our customers. <br />Blackboard Learn for K-12 <br /> 4. To close the gap between the way students live and the way they learn.<br />Our Vision<br /> 5. Effective<br />Engaging &amp; Individualized<br />Connected &amp; Continuous<br /> 6. Our Mission<br />To increase the impact of education, by transforming the experience of education.<br /> 7. Blackboard Learn for K-12 <br />Our Vision and Mission<br />Addressing Current Challenges<br />Q&amp;A<br /> 8. ADDRESSING CURRENT CHALLENGES<br /> 9. ADDRESSING CURRENT CHALLENGES<br /> 10.<br />Fostering active and social learning<br /> prepares more than 50K students across the state of Pennsylvania with 21st century skills through online learning environments.<br /> 11.<br />Fostering active and social learning with release 9.1<br />Changing Teaching and Learning<br />Impact on Professional Development<br />Wikis<br />Destination LMS for 21st Century Skills<br /> 12. ADDRESSING CURRENT CHALLENGES<br /> 13. CNYRIC &amp; OCM BOCES<br />Promoting planning and productivity<br />Serves 50 school districts and 4 BOCES across eight counties in the central region of New York State.<br /> 14. CNYRIC &amp; OCM BOCES <br />Focus on the Teaching and Learning<br />Save Time<br />Overcome Adoption Hurdles<br /> 15. ADDRESSING CURRENT CHALLENGES<br /> 16. Volusia<br />Facilitating professional development<br />Volusia County Schools Superintendent has mandated that all staff development be provided online.<br /> 17. Volusia<br />Promoting planning and productivity with release 9.1<br />Professional Learning Communities<br />Wikis and ESOL Collaboration<br />Mashups and Engaging Content <br />Trusted Partner<br /> 18. ADDRESSING CURRENT CHALLENGES<br /> 19. JeffCo<br />Driving Evaluation and efficiency<br />JeffCo, the largest district in Colorado, put their curriculum online supporting 30K students and educators.<br /> 20. Driving Standards-Based Teaching and Learning<br />Enhancing monitoring and evaluation with release 9.1<br />Lesson Planning<br />Standards Alignment and Reporting<br />Curriculum Management<br />Standards Based Instruction in Release 9.1<br /> 21. Involve Teachers in Standards Alignment<br />DRIVING STANDARDS-BASED TEACHING AND LEARNING<br />Course Level Standards Access<br /> 22. Search and Add Alignments<br />DRIVING STANDARDS-BASED TEACHING AND LEARNING<br />Course Level Standards Access<br /> 23. Make Standards Alignment Transparent<br />DRIVING STANDARDS-BASED TEACHING AND LEARNING<br />Visible Standards at Course Level<br /> 24. Identify Student Needs Quickly<br />DRIVING STANDARDS-BASED TEACHING AND LEARNING<br />Standards Reporting<br /> 25. Update Standards Alignments Automatically<br />DRIVING STANDARDS-BASED TEACHING AND LEARNING<br />Standards Mapping<br /> 26. ADRESSING K-12 CHALLENGES<br /></p> <ul><li>I dont believe theres a district in the nation that would tell you standards doesnt play a role in the work that they do. In this age of accountability, our state assessment system is driven by state standards. Therefore, we have to be granular about what our standards are and how those standards translate into instruction.</li></ul> <p>Dr. Lissa Pijanowski, Asst. Sup. for Academics and Accountability, Forsyth County, Georgia <br /> 27. K-12 Clients<br />The K-12 Community<br /> 28. Well Take Your District There<br />PLANNING FOR DISTRICTS<br />Extend classroom learning online<br />BLENDED<br />LEARNING<br />CREDIT RECOVERY<br />CURRICULUM<br />MANAGEMENT<br />PROFESSIONAL<br />DEVELOPMENT<br />VIRTUAL<br />SCHOOL<br />COMMUNITY<br />ENGAGEMENT<br />EDUCATION CONTINUITY<br />Provide the foundation to help teachers manage a 1:1 environment and extend the traditional classroom <br />1:1 INITIATIVES<br />Clear the path for student success through online credit recovery programs<br />Ensure every educator has up-to-date access to a standards-based curriculum<br />Ensure the learning continues - even if the school doorshave to close - with online instruction<br />Nurture an educational community by encouraging community and parental involvement<br />Expand learning opportunities without being limited by time, space, or scheduling conflicts<br />Improve teacher quality with effective and affordable professional development<br /> 29. Getting Started with Online Learning<br /><br /> 30. Blackboard Learn for K-12 <br />Our Vision and Mission<br />Addressing Current Challenges<br />Q&amp;A<br /> 31. Check out the videos<br /><br /> 32. Thank You!<br />Q&amp;A<br />For more information visit <br /><br /></p>