New Year Celebrations Around The World

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New Year Celebrations Around the World

1. England celebrates its New Years Day on January 1st in accordance to the Gregorian Calendar. The celebrations is marked with the New Years Day Parade.1. England

2. The Chinese celebrate their New Years Day in accordance with the Lunar Calendar. Usually their New Years Day occurs between Jan 21st to Feb 21st. This year is the Year of the Sheep for the Chinese.2. China

4. Russians celebrate the arrival of New Years Day with the Kremlin Clock Bell ringing and singing of the national anthem.

3. Russia

5. The Japanese celebrate New Years Day by welcoming the God of New Year named Toshigami. Huge concerts and firework displays are organised in major cities especially in Tokyo.

4. Japan

6. New Years Day is the official beginning of the summer holidays in Brazil which go on till the Carnival. Fireworks at Copacabana list in the top 10 Firework display in the world.

5. Brazil

6. Spanish follow the countdown diplayed on the clock on top of Casa de Correos building in Puerta de Sol in Madrid. It is a tradition to eat twelve grapes, one on each chime of the clock.

6. Spain

7. Two New Years Day are celebrated in South Korea, which are Lunar and Solar New Year. The biggest celebration is held in Seoul with the ringing of Bosingak bell 33 times at midnight on Jan 1st.

7. South Korea

8. Ecuador celebrates its New Years eve by men dressing like drags representing the widow of the year gone by. Life-size effigies are burnt to welcome the New Year.

8. Ecuador

9. Celebration of New Years Day is an homely affair in Greece. During the countdown, Greeks close their eyes to Enter the New Year with a new light.

9. Greece

10. Indians have New Year festivals decided by religions and regions. Usually the first day of Harvest season is celebrated as New Years day in respective regions.

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