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Newsbreak Form 1

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  1. 1. Now why so loving, darling? And why the sudden kiss?
  2. 2. Youd help me with some little jobs? For goodness sake, whats this?
  3. 3. Your face is clean for once, dear.
  4. 4. Your clothes without a crease.
  5. 5. You saved your luncheon money? Will wonder never cease?
  6. 6. No dropping of your school books No shrieking, childish treble.
  7. 7. Today you are a lamb, dear, Where yesterday, a rebel.
  8. 8. But surely youre some stranger, No rage or hullabaloo
  9. 9. Come closer, let me look, dear Can this be REALLY you?
  10. 10. Now were you struck by lightning? Or were you stunned at sport? ???
  11. 11. Ah. Now I see the reason
  12. 12. Youve brought your school report!
  13. 13. Stanza 1 The parent is surprised that the child has a sudden change in behaviour. The child has become a loving person and even gives a kiss The child also suddenly helps with house chores. The parent is bewildered
  14. 14. Stanza 2 The parents cannot believe that the childs face is clean and his clothes are neat without any wrinkles The child also saved his lunch money The parent is totally dumbfounded
  15. 15. Stanza 3 The child also does not drop any of his/ her book around the house. The child also does not scream and shout That day, the child is as innocent and gentle as a lamb, unlike his/ her usual rebellious attitude
  16. 16. Stanza 4 The parent begins to wonder if the child is a stranger The child does not make any noise The parent wants to have a clearer look to confirm the identity of the child
  17. 17. Stanza 5 The parent wonders if lightning has struck the child, or if he was shocked while playing sports. However, the parent finally finds out the truth The child has brought home his school report
  18. 18. Setting No specific time frame is mentioned, but the child probably just returned from school Place : At home
  19. 19. Persona A parent who is puzzled to see his/her childs sudden change of behaviour.
  20. 20. Themes Having an ulterior motive * The child is rather sly * He is behaving well for a reason * He brought home is report card which may contain bad grades * He tries to win his parents heart by behaving well Disobedient * The child is describe to be naughty and disobedient most of the time * That is why the parent is very surprised to see him behaving well
  21. 21. MORAL VALUES We must try to behave well at all times and not only on certain occasions We must have the courage to face unpleasant consequences instead of finding excuses