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  • 1. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Black BeltMeasureTollgate Briefing Project NameDEPMS Project NumberName of BeltOrganizationDate UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO

2. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Measure Tollgate Requirements NG CPI BLACK BELT TOLLGATE REQUIREMENTSPROJECT DELIVERABLESNGB COMMENTSMEASURECurrent State Detailed Process Map / VSM Mandatory VSM (value stream map)Key Input, Process, and Output Metrics MandatoryWhat to measureOperational DefinitionsMandatoryWhat to measureData Collection Plan Mandatory How, who, when, etcBaseline StatisticsMandatory Center, variationControl Charts Recommended Varies by projectProcess Capability AnalysisMandatoryAbility to meet cust reqMeasurement System AnalysisMandatory Accuracy of dataEstimated Financial & Operational Benefits MandatoryStoryboard / A3Mandatory1-page proj summaryBarriers/Issues/RisksMandatoryQuick Wins RecommendedLessons Learned Optional2UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 3. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Measure Tollgate Templates NOTE: THIS IS A TEMPLATE FOR ALL NG CPI BELTS NG has developed this template as a basic format with standard deliverables to help guide NG CPI belts through the NG tollgate requirements for certification. It is recognized that each project is unique and has unique deliverables withunique flows. Therefore, this format does not have to be followed exactly to theletter of the law for your project.(DELETE THIS SLIDE FOR YOUR PROJECT)3UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 4. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Charter and Timeline Team MembersName Role AffiliationDACIBlack BeltDriverMaster Black Belt DriverTake awayProject Sponsor Approver message goesProcess Owner Approver here Project Charter(impact ofProblemproblem)Statement:Business Case:Project TimelineGoal Statement: PhaseStartStopStatusUnit: Definemm/dd/yy mm/dd/yyDefect: Measure mm/dd/yy mm/dd/yyCustomerAnalyze mm/dd/yy mm/dd/yySpecifications:Improve mm/dd/yy mm/dd/yyProcess Start:Control mm/dd/yy mm/dd/yyProcess Stop:4Scope: Required DeliverableUNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 5. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUODetailed As Is Process Map - Example -Required Deliverable - VSM or Process Map or Both5UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 6. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Value Stream MapOrder Mgmt Supervisor Service lead time = 384 minCUSTOMERWeekly Update - Example -Customer call time = 24 minPhone CallPhone Call Trigger:Order Mgmt Completion Criteria: Cycle Time: Screen for Acct Mgr Takt Time: Number of People: Manual Update SUPPLIERSP/T = 3 min Number of Approvals: Items in Inbox: Lost calls=10% % Rework: # of Iterations (cycles):Volume=1200# of Databases: Top 3 Rework Issues: 1. 2. 3. LargeBusiness6 CustomersOrder Mgmt Order Mgmt Order Mgmt Order Mgmt DISTCustomer Product Shipping PickInfoNeedPricingInfoSmall 444410 Pack & ShipBusiness20 Orders 5 CustomersP/T = 2 min P/T = 6 MinP/T = 6 Min P/T = 2 MinP/T = 120 Min Error Rate=2% Error Rate=0% Error Rate=2%Error Rate=1% Error Rate=1% Volume=800Volume=1200 HomeVolume=800Volume=800 Volume=800 3 Customers5 min 240 min3 min 2 min6 min6 min2 min 120 min Required Deliverable - VSM or Process Map or Both 6UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 7. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOKey Input, Process, and Output MetricsSuppliers InputsProcess Outputs CustomerStart Step 2Step 3Step1Step 5Step 4VOC/Input Metrics Process MetricsOutput MetricsVOBQualitySpeed Cost Required Deliverable 7 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 8. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOOperational DefinitionsDefine each of the Key Input, Output, Process Metrics from your SIPOC that you are going to collect data on (via the Data Collection Plan) as well as any other terms that need clarification for the data collectors and everyone else on the team.Examples: Award Process PLT: The time from when a Director submits the Award recommendation tothe time when the employee is presented the Award in a ceremony. Number of Claims Processed: The number of Claims processed per weekday (M-F). Total Hours Worked: The total number of hours worked in the facility including weekendsand holidays. Number of Personnel: The total number of military and civilian personnel working (notincluding contractors).Include other unique terms that apply to your project that require clear operational definitions for those collecting the data and for those interpreting the data.Required Deliverable 8 UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 9. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Data Collection PlanPerformanc Operational DataHow Will Data BeWho Will When Will SamplStratificatiHow will e MeasureDefinitionSource andCollected CollectData Bee Size on Factorsdata be LocationData Collected used? 1Ability to update X Steps toIn DEPMS By counting stepsName ASAP 1None To find VA, BNVA,projects andupdate projects NVAbuild tollgatereviews- Example - 2Ability to update X TollgateIn DEPMS By determining % ofName ASAP 40 None To determineprojects andtemplate slidesactivity steps identified in consistency withbuild tollgatethat match POI Introduction to _____POIreviewsmodules in POI that are adequately addressed in templates 3Easy Access toX Availability of In DEPMS By determining the Name ASAP 63 None To determineLSS tools and LSS tools andpercentage of tools, withavailability of toolsreferencesreferences their references, listed onand references DMAIC Road Map slides that can be found in PS 4Easy Access toX Steps In DEPMS By counting # stepsName ASAP 37 None To find VA, BNVA,LSS tools and required to find required to find the tools NVAreferencestools andand their referencesreferences9 Required Deliverable UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 10. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOMeasurement Systems Analysis The Measurement System used to collect data has been calibrated and is considered to have no potential for significant errors. The data collection tool is reliable, can be counted on, has good resolution, shows no signs of bias and is stable. Type of Measurement DescriptionConsiderations to this ProjectError The ability of the measurementWork hours can be measured to