NG BB 38 ANALYZE Tollgate

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  • 1. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Black Belt AnalyzeTollgate Briefing Project NameDEPMS Project NumberName of BeltOrganizationDate UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO

2. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Tollgate Requirements - Analyze NG CPI BLACK BELT TOLLGATE REQUIREMENTSPROJECT DELIVERABLES NGBCOMMENTS ANALYZE Root Cause Validation / IdentificationMandatory Required for all projects Cause & Effect Analysis (Fishbone)Mandatory Identify all potential Xs Cause & Effect (XY) MatrixMandatoryDetermine critical Xs Failure Modes & Effects AnalysisMandatory Analyze risk Hypothesis Testing / Regression/ ANOVA OptionalVaries by project Process Constraint IDOptionalVaries by project Takt Rate / Time Study OptionalVaries by project Pareto ChartsOptionalVaries by project Sampling Plan / Analysis OptionalVaries by project Storyboard / A3 Mandatory1-page proj summary Barriers/Issues/Risks Mandatory Quick WinsRecommended Lessons LearnedOptional2UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 3. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Analyze Tollgate Templates NOTE: THIS IS A TEMPLATE FOR ALL NG CPI BELTS NG has developed this template as a basic format with standard deliverables to help guide NG CPI belts through the NG tollgate requirements for certification. It is recognized that each project is unique and has unique deliverables withunique flows. Therefore, this format does not have to be followed exactly to theletter of the law for your project.(DELETE THIS SLIDE FOR YOUR PROJECT)3UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 4. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO Define Charter and Timeline Team MembersName Role AffiliationDACIBlack BeltDriverMaster Black Belt DriverTake awayProject Sponsor Approver message goesProcess Owner Approver here Project Charter(impact ofProblemproblem)Statement:Business Case:Project TimelineGoal Statement: PhaseStartStopStatusUnit: Definemm/dd/yy mm/dd/yyDefect: Measure mm/dd/yy mm/dd/yyCustomerAnalyze mm/dd/yy mm/dd/yySpecifications:Improve mm/dd/yy mm/dd/yyProcess Start:Control mm/dd/yy mm/dd/yyProcess Stop:4Scope: Required DeliverableUNCLASSIFIED / FOUO 5. UNCLASSIFIED / FOUOMeasure Overview Baseline Statistics Process CapabilityProcess Capability of Delivery TimeP otential (Within) C apability VOC / VOBLSL TargetUSLCpC PL 1.16 2.22 Unit (d) or Mean (c) W ithinC PUC pk 0.10 0.10 O v erallC C pk 1.16 Defect (d) or St. Dev. (c)O v erall C apability Pp 1.24 DPMO (d) PPL2.37 PPU0.11 PCE: (Cycle Time Only)PLT: (Cycle Time Only) - Example -LS L P pk C pm0.110.35P rocess D ata10T arget 20USL 30S ample M ean 29.1203 Sigma Quality Level S ample NS tD ev (Within)2662.87033S tD ev (O v erall) 2.6915412 16 202428 3236 MSA Results: show the percentage result of the GR&R or otherO bserv ed P erformanceE xp. Within P erformance E xp. O v erall P erformance P P M < LS L0.00measurement systems analysis carried out in the project P P M < LS L 0.00 PPM < LS L 0.00 PPM > USL281954.89PPM > USL 379619.67 PPM > USL 371895.18 P P M T otal 281954.89PPM T otal379619.67 P P M T otal371895.18 Baseline As Is PerformanceTools UsedSummary for Delivery Time A nderson-D arling N ormality Test Detailed process mapping Time Series PlotA -S quared 1.95P -V alue U S L 62.03O bserv ed P erformance% Total 62.03outside customer spec% < LS L0.00 % > U S L 65.25 Z Bench = -.31 % Total65.25 060 120180 240 300360420 Required Deliverable 36UNCLASSIFIED / FOUO