Nightmare on Elm Street

Nightmare on elm street

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Nightmare on Elm Street

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Suburban GothicSuburban Gothic is a sub-genre of Gothic fiction, film and television.Anxieties associated with the suburban communities.Supernatural or elements of science fiction.Suburban setting. (residential area or community with in city)

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• Danger within the family or neighbourhood.• Teenagers and children are often the major

protagonists.• Character conflicts; individuality and conformity.• Revenge.• Loss of innocence often the theme.• Mystery, suspense, threat, fear and horror.• Unexplained.• Excess.• Past crimes and buried secrets.

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• Helpless victim.• Victimizer with immense or supernatural

power.• Physical or psychological impenetrable

walls.• Possession.• Sense of mystery, darkness, fear,

oppressiveness and doom.• Man shown as eternal victim.• Isolation.

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Horror Movies and Surrealism

• Unconscious and dreams.• Monster externalising the fears.• Children.• Character fall pray to evil trying to gain

vengeance. • Worms, insects and filthy creatures as symbols.• Shadows.• Laughter.• Low tilted camera angels and movements.• Breaking down boundaries between dreams and


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Gothic Roots• Imagination.

• Psychology.

• Architecture.

• Theology.

• Haunted space/mind.

• Taboo.

Elements of Romance:• Sudden emotions create a life or death commitment.• Character feels overwhelming power.