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  • Thursday, January 31, 2013 Silently sit down in your Crocodile seat and complete the warm-up as soon as you Hippopotamus enter the room. Ostrich What are four different Falcon animals that you think may live in or around the Baboons Nile River? Ibis Jackal
  • Homework 1.Current Event 18 due tomorrow: Friday, February 1 st.
  • Agenda for Today 1.Assessments for people who are less than level 16.2.Go over the map of Egypt3.Geography of the Nile notes
  • Essential Question What would a social scientist from each of the five themes of social studies learn about Egypt?
  • Learning Target I can Show how the Nile River creates an environment that promotes civilization in Egypt. Explain why the Nile River is so important to life in Egypt.
  • Sinai PeninsulaRed SeaMediterranean SeaUpper EgyptLower EgyptGizaMemphisAswanEastern DesertSuez CanalSahara DesertNile RiverNile DeltaFirst Nile CataractLake Nasser
  • Why is Egypt called the Gift of the Nile? The Nile River provides for Egypt in the following ways: Fertile soil Water for drinking, cooking, and watering crops Transportation River plants and animals
  • Egypt From Space
  • How did the Nile make land in the middle of a desert fertile? Every year, around the same date, the Nile would flood and cover the fields along its banks for about four months.
  • sediment All rivers contain something called sediment. Sediment is decaying organic material that floats in the water.
  • sediment After the Niles flooding ended and the river level returned to normal sediment would be left behind in the fields along its banks. This sediment acted as a natural fertilizer by replacing the nutrients that were sucked out of the soil by the last seasons crops.
  • How did the Egyptians move the water from the river? They use irrigation canals to get the water from the river to their crops. To help with lifting the water they used a machine called a shadoof.
  • Transportation The Nile served as the main transportation route in Egypt. Boats could sail from the Nile delta in the north to Aswan in the south.
  • Why couldnt they sailfurther south than Aswan? The southern part of the Nile contains six cataracts that prevent boats from sailing past them.
  • What are cataracts? Cataracts are areas of the Nile that are very shallow and rocky. Some are rapids, meaning the water moves very quickly and violently through the rocky area.
  • CataractsExactlywhere aretheylocated?
  • River Plants The most important plant that the Nile provided to Egypt was papyrus.
  • The First Paper The plant used to make the first paper is also called papyrus. To make the paper, the inner stalks of the plant were cut into narrow strips. The strips were cut to the same length and placed side by side by side in one layer. Another layer of strips was placed crosswise on top to form a sheet. Papyrus makers wet the sheet, pressed it flat, and dried it in the sun. Sap from the plant glued the strips together. Pasted side by side, the sheets formed a long strip that could be rolled up.
  • Papyrus
  • What are some animals thatcan be found near the Nile? Crocodile Hippopotamus Ostrich Falcon Baboons Ibis Jackal
  • Assessment On a sheet of lined paper, completely answer the following questions: 1. Why did civilization first develop in the area that we call Egypt? 2. Why was the Nile River so important to life in Egypt?

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