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  • 1. Bianca Ytuarte Natalia Nieves Mary Ann Mascorro

2. Embodied in respect for all, cooperation among peoples, and a harmony in society. 3. Peace Table An opportunity to settle differences and correct issues in a positive way. 4. I would like to invite you to the Peace Table.

  • Starts with a problem.
    • Misunderstandings
    • Miscommunications
    • Hurt feelings
  • Then an invitation to the peace table.


  • The student holds the rose and states the problem.
  • Discussion follows.
    • Must tell the truth.
    • Must listen to the other person.
    • Must be holding the rose to talk.

I didnt like that you pushed me in the hallway and didnt say that you were sorry. 6. I didnt realize that I pushed you and thats why I didnt say I was sorry.

  • The rose gets passed between the students as they work and talk through the conflict.

7. Im sorry I accidentally pushed you.Ill try to be more careful in the hallway next time.

  • The children shake hands and make peace with each other in the form of a resolution or compromise.

8. Peace Tables come in many forms. 9. Concern Book

  • A place and opportunity to note concerns affecting the entire classroom.
  • May be written anonymously.


  • The teacher checks the book for new concerns for community meetings daily.

Students gather together with the teacher for a community meeting discussion. Concern Book 11.

  • Students discuss the concern and possible solutions.
  • They resolve the problem together as a community.

Concern Book 12. Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war. ~Maria Montessori