Personal pronouns & possessive adjectives

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Los Pronombres Personales y los Adejetivos Posesivos en Ingles

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  • 1. Personal Pronouns and Possessive adjectives

2. Personal Pronouns Los Pronombres Personales representan a: PERSONAS COSAS ANIMALES 3. Personal Pronouns I = Yo You = Tu He = El She = Ella It = Eso (cosa/animal) We = Nosotros They = Ellos 4. Use of Personal Pronouns Van siempre al principioal principio de las oraciones. ejemplos: She is a doctor. They are scare. 5. Use of Personal Pronouns Sustituyen a los sustantivos. Ejemplos: Carlos and Jos are musicians. They are musicians. Pablo plays soccer. He plays soccer. 6. Exercise: Write the correct Personal Pronoun in the blank. 1. ______ study French. (nosotros) 2. ______ go to work. (yo) 3. ______ does exercise. (ella) 4. ______ is big. (la casa) 5. ______ are in the park. (ellos) 7. Possessive adjectives Los adjetivos posesivos nos muestran a quien pertenece algo en otras palabras posesinposesin. HE IS MYMY BOYFRIEND!!! 8. Possessive adjectives Personal Pronoun Possessive Adjective translation I My mio You Your tuyo He His su/suyo (el) She Her su/suyo (ella) It Its su/suyo (eso) We Our nuestro They Their sus/suyos (ellos) 9. Use of Possessive adjectives Van siempre al principio y en medioal principio y en medio de las oraciones. ejemplos: MyMy car! It is herher purse. 10. Exercises!!! 11. Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives 1. Where are (you) ______ friends now? 2. Here is a postcard from (I) ______ friend Dees. 3. She lives in England now with (she) ______ family. 4. (He) ______ wife works in Tilburg. 5. My sister lost _______ (she) way in the city. 6. The lion is chasing _______ (it) prey. 7. The dentist asked _______ (he) patient to open _______ (she) mouth. 8. Tony is (Mary and rob) ______ grandson. 9. My name is Annie. This is (Annie) ______ father. 10. Peggy and Martin are (we) ______ children.