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  2. 2. FRONT COVER:For my main front cover image, I decided to try and make it as similar to the image that I have used on my draftsas I could. To do this, I lowered the brightness of the image and added a blue tone to it. I also created a brokeheffect by putting white circles around the image. I feel that this makes the image look similar to the one I used onmy drafts, as well as helping to make it fit in to the genre of my magazine.I feel that my image could present a negative view of the younger social group, as they dont look happy andthey could be stood in quite negative positions. However, I feel that for my magazines genre this fits in well as itwill help relate to my target audience and their age group. It also reinforces the grunge theme that I have seenin the other indie/rock magazines that I have studied.
  3. 3. CONTENTS PAGE:I already has this image saved from aconcert that I have previously been to, so Isimply cropped it to make Dan Smith (leadsinger of indie/rock band Bastille) the mainfocus of the image, as well as making it theright shape for the area of the page that Iwant it on. This has no representation ofsocial groups, however it will help to relateto my target audience as they are well-knownto often go to gigs and concerts.For my second image, I decided to try and make itas similar to the original image that I used on mydraft as possible. I changed the lighting mainly,making it brighter and changing the colourbalance in order to make it less red/more blue. Ialso slightly edited his face, getting rid of any flawson his face as generally on indie/rock magazinesthe model is flawless in order to attract thefemale gaze. I feel that this juxtaposes against thegrunge theme of some of the other images that Ihave used, however it also opens up a differentclass for my target audience, thus wideningmy demographic. It also has a positiverepresentation of they younger socialgroup, as he looks quite classy and happy.
  4. 4. DOUBLE PAGE SPREADThe editing for my double page spread image was relatively simple, as all I had to do to the image was slightly increasethe brightness and make it black and white. I did this so it would be similar to the image I had used in my drafts, and Ifelt that by putting the image in black and white, it made it contrast more against the bright background and also madeit more interesting to look at. It also matches my indie/rock theme well, as most of the magazines I have studied usedblack and white images for the double page spread. It also makes my subjects look more menacing, which could givethem a negative representation of their social group however it is contrasted with the bright background that I haveused within my magazine double page spread.