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Photography 101 -Digital Photography to the RESCUE! Dr. Curtis R. Rogers Communications Director

Photography 101 digital photography to the rescue

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Photography 101 digital photography to the rescue lexington county library presentation

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  • 1. If they dont know whatyoure library is doing,then youre not tellingthem!Understanding yourcommunity.How do I currently reachpatrons?How could I do a betterjob?Budget for PR!

2. Webcams/phonecamsPoint and shootIntermediateAdvancedConsumerProsumer dSLRProfessional dSLR 3. Wide-anglezoomStandardSuper zoomTelephotozoomMacroFisheye 4. What are pixels? The word "pixel"means a picture element. Everyphotograph, in digital form, is madeup of pixels. They are the smallestunit of information that makes up apicture. Usually round or square,they are typically arranged in a 2-dimensional grid. 5. Setting the RightF-Stop for YourDigital Photo Use an almost-wide-open f-stop toboost sharpness. Adjustyour depth of fieldby moving f-stops. Avoid too-smallf-stops. 6. A prefix on film speedratings that stands forInternationalStandardsOrganization, thegroup thatstandardizes, amongother things, thefigures that define therelative speed of films. 7. What doyou like?What wouldyouchange? 8. DSLRBasicswww.canonoutsideofauto.ca 9. Rule of ThirdsThe rule of thirds is thesimplest rule ofcomposition. All you dois take your frame andoverlay a grid of nineequal sections. Thismeans you split thevertical space intothree parts and thehorizontal space intothree parts. 10. Photographing yoursubject straight-onis sometimes theright choice, but youcan create visualimpact by movingthe camera left,right, above, andbelow. 11. LightManual settingsNatural lightIndoor lightingConsider all options! 12. Auto focusFocus Pointsphotographylife.com/dslr-autofocus-modes-explained 13. IndoorOutdoorLandscapemode?Portrait mode?Frame the image 14. Size ofsubjectsConsidersettingsLens typeTiny?Giant? 15. Skin tonesHair and makeupEyeglasses/sunglassesOther details? 16. Tags are Subjectheadings (flickr)Tagging someone(Facebook) -considerationsImage descriptions,titles, etc. 17. Consider image sizeMake a call toconfirmOnly send 2-3images per emailBest option: uploadto site and share URLvia email 18. Pixlr.comUse expressmodeUpload and edityour imageCrop, adjustcolors, useeffects, etc. 19. PicsArt 20. Questions? Comments?Dr. Curtis R. RogersCommunications [email protected]/crr29061