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<ul><li> 1. STAGE 1<br />Magazine Cover<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Using simple Photoshop skills 17/09/2010 <br />When first using Photoshop I experimented with colours and ways in changing how the model looked. I used the move tool , the spot healing tool , pain brush andGaussian blur. It also taught me a lesson in duplicating layers and creating new ones. <br />AFTER<br />BEFORE<br />In this photo I experimented with colours and ways in changing how the landscape and overall concept looked. I used text tool in pulse sans virgin. I also used filter sketch and texture to add colour and diversity to lighten up the photo <br />AFTER<br />BEFORE<br /> 3. Photo shoot Plan <br /> 4. Photos taken : 20/09/2010<br />These were the original photos taken. My aim was to have not a great mise-on-scene because I was going on to put in a background picture. Therefore because white is the most basic colour and easy to erase I thought it would be best to capture it on a white background. <br />This picture had bad lighting and looked very hard to in capture in a magazine cover and its a full body shot and most magazines have a medium to close shot <br />This picture is perfect becauseit has a white background and highlights chiaras top<br />This picture had bad lighting and looked very hard to in capture in a magazine cover and its a full body shot and most magazines have a medium to close shot <br /> 5. ANALYSING MAGAZINE COVERS : 24/09/2010<br />Mast head is in a bold font to attract attention and address customers to the magazine. <br />The colour red is bright and clear therefore is understandable and easy to distinguish. <br />All colours link to an eye flow. You college in red then lead to purple with the models top then back to red for Greek showing constancy and gently leading your eyes across the page .<br />Date line <br />Main Cover line , gives an idea of the what is going to be addressed inside<br />Face is photo shopped to a clear and beautiful finish <br />Naturalistic crops and background make it seem natural and connotes with easy reading and relaxation and freedom of being casual. <br />Notice how the woman is centred in the middle and around her there is a build of cover lines surrounding her and creating and eye flow from left to right so people can follow everything.<br />This head line is a confession story that gives a persons own personal point of view therefore appealing to real life and to the people reading it<br />This red text also relates and blends with the title , keeping a current house style and overall constancy.<br /> 6. ANALYSING MAGAZINE COVERS : 24/09/2010<br />The masthead is small and unclear. Although the font style is used for effect it is vague in the sense that it is hard to recognise. The colours are also not that bold for example the text is , but the white background is not therefore it creates no contract , a bolder more extravagant colourwould present and display the whole magazine better.<br />The pictures are small and although they a line and connote with each otherthey are the same colours and give the same effect so this repetitive technique does not work in its favour. <br />The effect of ripped paper is good because it shows the magazine has its own style and personality<br />The rest of the space is empty and un useful. There should be cover lines and things that persuade and interest potential readers <br />It is also not precisein the date. <br /> 7. Why I chose this shot :<br />The white background makes it easy to clone out and lightens up the photo giving more of an emphasis on the model<br />This is a medium shot therefore will suit a magazine cover because it is her smile and body that sells the magazine she is the face of it<br />Her top gives me something to connote and work with , the colours in it can be used on the magazine to make it look professional.<br />This will have to be cloned out in order to create a complete white background so the other photo will fit in.<br /> 8. My Background Photo<br />I have chose to use this photo because it shows that it is a Marylebone school magazine. It is also is simplicity in the way the only writing is the name. it creates a great background for chiara (model) because there is a lot of space where she can be centred. <br />This is the space in which she will be positioned.<br /> 9. This will be in a bold decretive font and possibly will be blue to match models clothing <br />MASTHEAD<br />This will be an incentive to buy the magazine. This will be a free gift tickets to the KOKO comedy club in Camden.<br />Date <br />incentive<br />The date will be small but visible in yellow or orange to attract but not distract from the main cover lines.<br /> need to succeedwill be the selling line to advise and show what students need to do to make it in whatever they want to. It will be bold and a lot of resemblance to the other kicker.<br />My model (chiara) will have a bright flowery top and will be smiling as she is what sells the magazine. She will have a casual natural pose to an easy yet fun magazine and attitude.<br />Selling line <br />explanatory<br />Main image <br />This will explain 1 way in which the article want to help students succeed. 10 ways to make it to uni will explain how easy and simple you can learn and it shows an easy and noted form of tips.<br />This kicker will say manage your money and will be a summary of one article. It is a sub heading that will be bold but in a different font and colour then the masthead to show it is a subheading and to be seen separate.<br />KICKER<br />explanatory<br />BARCODE<br />This s shows how the magazine will be seenby customers. Therefore most important writing is shifted to the left. <br />This will be used to explain what this article covers booze , revise and munch using slang to addresses the readers. It will be slightly smaller .<br />Mock Up Idea24/09/2010<br /> 10. Magazine Cover Start 27/09/2010 <br />I have reversed this photo in order to fit my plan of where the kickers will go. I used the move and resize tool to do this.<br />This was the original photo saved in an A4 format <br />This photo has been edited.<br />I have removed the background using the magic wand tool in order to edit and fix my other picture into it.<br /> 11. This is the background photo edited using colour transformations and blurs.<br />This is the background photo I am going to use. It is saved in the same area as my model so that it can be copied after editing <br /> 12. The model has been inserted by simply copy and pasting <br />This screenshot shows the 2 pictures combined together.Chiara has been erased smoothly at all sides of her body so that she looks more 'apart of the background picture. This was done using the rubber and cloning tool to maker apart of the photo<br /> 13. This is the cover with only some text. The text was created by using the text tool , the mast head font is reboard<br /> 14. This is the final screenshot of my magazine cover. I believe that I have mostly stuck to my original plan but have experimented and worked more with colour , positions and overall format and view to readers' made fonts bigger and bolder and created a contract with the back and front to highlight important text <br /></p>