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Specimans 11 - 25

Text of Plants&FlowersCollectionC

  • 1. Specimens 11 25 from myNeighborhood Nature Collection Part IIC EDOE 513/514 Winter 2008

2. 11. A type of Banyan Tree

  • I received conflicting reports on the exact name of this tree.
  • It is a nuisance to the owners & neighbors.There is a long, seeded pod that falls off the tree & causes trash in the driveway.But it blooms a vibrant, shocking orange flower in the spring.
  • This tree is at the beach house I manage for a friend.I like to park under it for shade.

3. 12. Wailoa State Park 4. The various palms found at the park in downtown Hilo.There is a palm association in the State of Hawaii and back in the 1980s they were invited to plant palms of variety. 5. 25. The shadow of a Palm tree genus Palmaceae.I tried to take a contrast shot in the middle of the day. 6. 13. The present flow of Kilauea seen from the town of Seaview, place next to Kalapana.This is the steam that causes vog on the Big Island.When we have south winds the vog carries over to the town of Hilo or Kona.It has ruined crops for farmers & irritation to people with asthma or difficulty breathing.Vog forms fine ash & is carried out by the wind. 7. Driving closer to the sight.Now in the town that once was Kalapana. 8. Steam created by the heat of the lava seen on the top of the ocean. 9. Water spouts are formed by mixing hot air & cool wind from the ocean breeze. I am sitting 6 miles away at a designated area.Large amounts of people, like myself that day, arrive on site at dusk waiting for the evening to view the red lava from a distance. 10. 11. Chain of Craters road see from a distance.It is a zigzag road leading towards the direction of the lava drop. 12. A glow of red right at dusk. 13. 24.Mammals: Humans

  • I lifted my camera above my head & took a shot of the people behind me.They were all sitting on lava rocks.I was sitting on my beach chair.Since taking Nature Photography, I have gone to view the lava 5 times.And I still cant get my telephoto lens to work right.People say it may be the night shot difficulty or that my Minolta lens Is not conducive to my Sony camera.

14. The boat ride is 2 hours & cost $200.I hope to do the trip when my trache is done. 15. First sight of red lava. 16. 9 days later I returned to view the lava & was not able to see the red lava spot on.Lava changes direction almost everyday. 17. 18. Twilight.Evening makes viewing lava quite an experience. 19. Sparks of fire rocks display a show pleasing the crowd. 20. My telephoto lens never seem to focus correctly no matter what I do.But Im glad I got the firework style shot of the lava rocks shooting out. 21. I gave up at this point.I guess at least the colors show forth. 22. 15.My friend took this shot with a point & shoot Canon when he hiked 8 hours close up.I couldnt go due to the fumes. 23. 16. 24. 25. 17. 26. 27. 18. Tapioca genus cassava.My favorite root plant.I can eat this everyday.My mom & I planted this in May & ate the root in November.We steam it until it is soft to eat. 28. 19.Lilikoi Passionfruit:a very tangy yet sweet fruit.Genus pasiflora edulis.This fruit thrives in sub-tropics.This is growing on our fence in our yard. 29.

  • 20.Lime in our yard.
  • 21. Dry land Taro.My mom planted this in our backyard.

30. 22.Moss lining the mountain side found in Akaka Falls Park.The water is naturally formed from the natural waterfall residue.I tried to slow the shutter but I just got my camera the week I took this picture. 31. 32. 23.Halemaumau Crater 33. This crater is located in the Hawaii Volcano National Park.Halemaumau has never shown this type of grand activity since 1924.At night, you can see a red glow in the hole where the steam arises.Volcanologist do not know what will happen.This fume is also contributing thick vog island-wide.I took three shots to complete this panoramic view. 34.