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  1. 1. PRELIMINARY TASK EVALUATION NAME: Task What went well What went wrong What I will do in the future Preliminary Planning Task One Radio Station/show names & conventions and Target Audience planning Planning the radio broadcast went well because we had already collected audience research and decided what would be the best audience to direct it at. Nothing really went wrong when we were planning it just took a really long time to come up with a name for out station. In the future I will do more research on existing radio shows. Preliminary Planning Task Two Identifying team roles, sourcing examples of archive clips, flow chart of broadcast structure and script writing Coming up with the script questions we were going to ask was quite easy as we had done some research into our guest therefore we had an idea what we could talk about. We had to think a lot about how the broadcast would work. Think carefully about the structure off the broadcast so that I know when it would be a good time to add in music or play a clip. Creating a jingle Importing the downloaded sounds was really simple and editing them as well. It took a while to find what type of sounds I wanted as I couldnt find sounds that were appropriate to my radio broadcast. I will think more about the sounds I want and also I now know how to make the jingle how I like it by cutting parts out and putting things together therefore in the future I will be able to make one more easily and quickly. Using Audition It was easy to cut and put clips together. Also importing them was really simple. I struggled when having the music fade out and when you move the dots on the line other things where appearing there and it made it awkward to change when it was going to fade. I will be able to use it better in the future therefore I will have more knowledge and what to do and how to work it.
  2. 2. PRELIMINARY TASK EVALUATION NAME: Recording in the Studio The software was simple to use. Also recording in a studio allowed us to be able to record somewhere quiet where there wasnt a lot of background noise. It took a while for me and Lauren to sort out the volume of the microphone as me and Lauren talk at different volumes. We may use two microphones of record it separately. Recording using a Dictaphone I didnt use a Dictaphone in my broadcast as I did everything in the studio. I will try and use a Dictaphone. Editing using Audition Editing went well with audition once I knew how to edit a clip by cutting and fading out and in. I wasnt able to fade in and out very easily as I kept clicking on the wrong place as the dot was in an awkward place to get to on some parts of the line. In the future I will carefully fade in and out and make sure I know how to do it properly. Team work I think that me and Lauren worked really well together as we were able to help each other and split the work equally. Some parts of the work was done more by one person as the other was away but we were able to go through it together when we were all together. In the future we will set the task for us to work before so we know what we will both be doing.
  3. 3. PRELIMINARY TASK EVALUATION NAME: Blogging Using blogger goes well most of the time as it easy to make a post. Blogger doesnt allow you to crop images as it doesnt have a lot of tools you can use. Also sometimes it will not allow you to copy and paste onto it. Furthermore it is awkward to use when you have to put post into a different order. In the future I will think about what order my posts will go and I will have to find a way to work around the way I will present any images I need to put on. Individual contribution to your team It was simple enough when it came to doing research and contributing to the team as we both talked about what we were going to do and I made sure the rest of my team was happy with any decisions I made. When it came to doing the script it was hard to write what the other was going to say so it took a long time to think about what we were going to say in some places. In the future I will do more research into what I will be working on to that I have a good idea of what to talk and write about. Class work I think I get on well with my classwork and that I get it all completed. Sometimes I dont write in depth so its not very detailed when writing about what we did and the research. I will write more detailed and write about everything we did when posting a post on the blog and in my research. Independent work (work outside of lessons) My work outside of class goes well as I am organised with it therefore I am able to complete my independent work on time and hand it in. Therefore keeping on top of it. When I am at home I am not able to get onto Moodle so I sometimes may have to come and save the documents I need or do my work during a break. This can sometimes make it hard if I dont realise need something of Moodle and cant get to it. In the future I will check whether or not I do need Moodle as soon as work is set therefore it gives me time to get hold of what I need.