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G321 Preliminary Task Evaluation

Name: Katherine AllsopIn a group with: Adam Teskey and Jade PaulWrite about the preliminary task. What were you asked to do? How did you find each stage of the process?We were asked to create a scene of somebody opening a door, sitting down and having a conversation with somebody. Altogether there were 5 shots to be taken, using different techniques and effects. I found each stage fairly straight forward although our group made a few mistakes along the way. Write the 3 techniques/rules you learnt about during the preliminary task:We had to include different techniques such as 180 degree rule which is very important and if its done wrong, it will ruin the whole scene as it wont look right and not professional. We included match on action which is changing from one shot to another, making it match perfectly. Lastly using shot reverse shot, this is recording over somebodys shoulder and then reversing it by recording over the opposite persons shoulder. This refers to the 180 degree rule, if you cross the 180 degree line, you have done it wrong and the shot will not work. List three things that went well during the filming/editing process: We got on and knew each other as a group, personally I think this is important so you can work well together and get things done much more easily. We had a fairly good set up and surrounding to get some shots that were good to have in the scene.

We all knew how to use the camera in different ways, e.g panning List three things you think could have been improved in these stages: We could of recorded somebody doing the scene fully rather than doing one shot at a time Although the setting was okay, it was quite difficult to get the correct shots due to where we placed the camera We could have been a lot quicker doing it, I think if we ran through it first properly, it would have been done quickly and effectivelyHas the preliminary task given you any ideas for you 2-minute film opening? If so, what? If not think, then say ( The Preliminary task gave me a few ideas for my 2 minute film opening.. for example, using fade in and fade out effects to make the shot more interesting. Also, using a variety of close up shots and long shots, this would make it look much more professional and using my knowledge.