Present Perfect Indefinite Past

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  • 1. Present PerfectIndefinite Past

2. Theyve been to Rome.What verb tense is this? present perfectIs the action past, present, pastor future?Do we know exactly whennothis action happened? 3. Present PerfectNow Past FutureUse the present perfect when you do notWeve traveled to Egypt.know when something happened or whenCrystal has been to Rome.the specific time is not important.The present perfect always has aThe hotel has closed.connection to the present. Use the present(So we cant stay there now.)perfect to show that the result of the actionThe flight has been cancelled.or state is important in the present. (So we cant take our flight.) 4. Present Perfect Use the verbs in the list to complete the sentences talking about the indefinite past. Dont forget to change the verb into the past participle form.Base Form Verbs1. Julie _____________ several trips this year.makehear2. You _______________ on a camel. Did you enjoy it?fly 3. Id like to go to Costa Rica. I _____________ that itsswim beautiful.ride4. They _____________ the ancient Egyptian pyramidssee before.5. He ______________ Air France many times. Its his favorite airline. 5. Present PerfectFor many speakers been to and gone toOmran has been to the mall.have different meanings.Omran has gone to the mall.But he isback now.And he is still there.Use the form have + been + to + a place to tell yourpartner where you have been.Ive been to Canada. Ive been to that restaurant.Ive been to Jones Hall. 6. Present Perfect with AdverbsWe can use the present perfect withadverbs to talk about the indefinite past. oftenIve alwaystraveled by train. nevertwice. Ive traveled by train many times.BE CAREFUL! Do not use the present perfect withIve traveled by train yesterday.adverbs that refer to the definite past. 7. WPresent Perfect with AdverbsHave you ever ridden an elephant?Yes, I have.Yes, I have ridden an elephant in India.No, never.No, Ive never ridden an elephant.To answer positively, we normally add more information. Toanswer negatively, we normally use never. 8. Present Perfect with AdverbsI havent been to the beach lately.Ive been to the beach recently.Ive recently been to the beach.Ive just been to the beach.REMEMBER: In AmericanEnglish, we often use justand recently with thesimple past. You cant uselately with the simple past. 9. Present Perfect with AdverbsActions that Action happened Action happenedRepeated Actions continue to theanytime before very recently (but in the Pastpresentnowstill indefinite) twicealwaysever just many times neverneverlately recentlyhardly ever Use ever to askrarelyquestions.Just andsometimes Use never in recently can be oftennegativeused with thesimple past.usually answers. 10. Present Perfect Word OrderKanna has often traveled by train.Olga has traveled by train many times.Adham hasnt been to the beach lately.Nawaf has recently been to the beach.Zhen has just been to the beach. 11. Present PerfectThese two people are talking about where theyhave been while traveling for work. Work with apartner to write 2 sentences and 2 answers thatthey might say. example: Q: Have you ever visited New York City? A: Yes, I have been there twice. Q: How many times have you been to Guam? A: I have never been to Guam.