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Presentation at Pärnu International Educational Conference

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Presentation given at Pärnu International Educational Conference 25 April, 2013, Strand Hotel

Text of Presentation at Pärnu International Educational Conference

  • 1. SCHOOL LIBRARIANS AS CHANGE AGENTSPRNU INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCEJannicke Rgler, library adviser, Buskerud County Library25 April, 2013, Strand Hotel, Jurmala Hall

2. Main project results Joint initiatives: Exchange of ideas and projects Library visits in both Prnu andBuskerud Local initiatives in Buskerud: Science project Facebookpages Information evaluation Exchange of ideas and projects 3. Focus on information evaluation Information evaluation is the process of evaluatingan information source in order to obtain knowledge A given information source may be more or less valid,reliable or relevantThe new School Libraryat Drammen UpperSecondary School 4. Course in Information evaluation TOAS (TONE inNorwegian) stand for fourimportant keywords thatyou can use to evaluatean information source: Trustworthy: Is thesource to be trusted? Objectivity: Is the sourceneutral? Accuracy: how careful,detailed and accurate isthe source? Suitability: Can you findthe answers you need? 5. Science project Students work on a science project. During theproject period they are given guidance bylibrarians in: How to make a literature list Legal use of images and creative commons licences Google advanced search Flickr - online photo management and sharingapplication 6. School libraries on Facebook Experiences usingFacebook : Little impact Reaches few pupils Require considerabletime and resources We recommendusing the schoolslearning platform toreach out to pupils 7. Digital learning platform resources from Lier 8. Course against cyber-bullying and Internet privacy 9. Competence enhancement for school librarians in Buskerud Action plan for schoollibraries in Buskerud Conference for schoollibrarians in 2014 University study indidactics for schoollibrarians Regular meetings andnetworking 10. Thank you!

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