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Steps in writing a successful thesis proposal

6 ways to improve your memory

for written exams

Nevertheless it is very hard to memorize all the chapters of a book completely for exams.

But there are some ways to make your memory more efficient to memorize some main points of each chapter. In this guide 6 best ways to improve your memorizing skills are written. You can boost your memorizing skills through these ways.

First way: Read summaries

Summaries are all time favorite of the students especially in the time of revisions. Solid reason lies in it and that is, summaries have short and narrow definitions and description of all the long topics.

Therefore the students like to read summaries to get objective and brief information about any topic. Hence they save plenty of time and dont over stuff their minds. You can also make your notes short by reading these summaries.

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Going through the past papers you can get best idea for the upcoming papers. In particular subjects you can revise mostly repeated questions to get higher marks.

Second way: Read past papers

Write all the repeated questions on a separate page for writing their answers. Practice makes you perfect in writing. So write all the repeated questions and their answers again and again to memorize them perfectly.

It will make a big difference in your writing as well as your memory. This will also predict what type of questions you have to expect in the exams.

Third way: Do group study and revision

Before talking about this way of revision it is necessary to tell this way works only for some students not for all. Some people work well in a group while others dont like to work in a group.

It also saves you a plenty of work by covering much stuff in no time. When all the group members ask questions from each other, it efficiently memorizes all the main points to you.

Fourth way: Revise in order of story telling

Everyone loves an interesting and good story. All the characters of an interesting story set in mind unconsciously. So you have to memorize any topic of your subject as an interesting story and all its important points as its characters.

Fifth way: Speak out loudly

Keep in mind not to do this tip in the library. You have to set alone and then revise your subject speaking out loudly to you.

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This is due when we listen something by our ears we remember it for long. It works more than 50% in memorization.

Sixth way: Try to teach the topic to others

The best way of speaking out loudly without sounding crazy is to speak loud to some other friend. It is mutualism when you speak out for others you also get benefit of it for yourself.

Rather than translating, conversational language is much easier for your brain to take in. so discuss all the main points and ideas with your friends to make your revision session as discussion session. Thanks!Visit Our