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President Toastmasters

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Toastmasters Leadership Training. The President. Club officer training.

Text of President Toastmasters

  • 1. Welcome MR President

2. No. 1 Tip Read your MANUAL 3. Standards for success. At Club meetings Start and end on time Make sure guests feel welcome Reinforce club mission Discuss clubs progress Recognise members achievements 4. Standards for success. Outside the Club meetings Develop and improve club leadership Club administration Advance club and member achievement Effective interaction on all levels 5. Set realistic goals Monitor progress Plan how to accomplish them Coach team members when necessary Delegate tasks if necessary Your Leadership Opportunity 6. Five steps to Motivate 1. What motivates? 2. Focus on benefits to individual 3. Make expectations clear 4. Recognise their work 5. Be a leader 7. Delegate Five steps 1. Decide what to delegate 2. Decide who will do the task 3. Assign responsibility 4. Grant authority 5. Establish accountability 8. Coaching Four steps 1. Agree that a problem exists 2. Discuss solutions 3. Agree on an action 4. Follow up 9. Executive committee Committee meetings 1. Making the club enjoyable 2. All club business 3. All administrative issues 4. Distinguished club program