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Our school is located in Mokotw which is a borough of Warsaw.

We have really friendly and helpful staff.

Our school is a school where almost 500 pupils study. They are guided by about 50 teachers.Our school - XLIX LO

We are a bilingual school - German is our forte.

Our students also organise and participate in a lot of volunteer events.

At our high school students have the possibility to learn new languages at the highest level - English, German and Spanish.

WarsawWarsaw is the capital of Poland and also the biggest city of this country. It is located in the centre of Poland.Warsaw is famous for its Old Town and history

What to do in Warsaw?Theres a lot of things you can do in Warsaw you cant do anywhere else in the world! You can for example:Visit museums - The Neon Museum and Warsaw Modern Art Museum attract millions of visitors from the whole world every year.Try traditional Polish food. There are a lot of restaurants that are world famous for their Polish cuisine. See Warsaw from the 30th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science. The view is breathtaking.