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my school magazine cover process


<ul><li> 1. </li></ul> <p> 2. Lesson 1 Photoshop Skills </p> <ul><li>In this lesson we learned how to edit and enhance images on Photoshop Elements in order for them to look more professional and with more quality.</li></ul> <p>Editing included:Removal of blemishes via usingspot healing tool .Gausaim bluron image. Usederaserto sharpen out main features such as her eyes, lips, eyebrows and earring . Brush toolto alter eye colour with addition ofsoft lightandadjusted opacity .Colourize toolwith adjustedhue and saturationfor more redness of hair. 3. Lesson 2 School Magazine Covers Analysis1) I liked the masthead in this magazine since its a very clear and bold font with strong and vivid colours. The background picture follows the rule of thirds with the ladys face being a main highlight amidst the cover.The cover lines are catchy and simple, which will attract readers. The text is generally lined up with each other and the cover follows a good colour scheme (pink, red and black) . 4. 2) Dissimilarly to the previous cover, the colours of this one are generally dark and in a sepia tone, which would probably not attract as many readers due to the lack of vibrant colours.There are 3 fonts in the cover and the masthead is big and bold which is a good attribute -however would have looked better if it was at the top of the magazine. The picture is from a very low angle and the main feature to it are the soles of the shoes therefore not a good choice as a cover picture. The fact that this picture is placed in the right hand-side of the cover does not conform to the readers eye-line path. Nevertheless, the kickers and explanatory text are lined up and they have included a selling line which is short and catchy. 5. Initial Magazine Cover Sketch-up This was my initial sketch-up of how Id want my school magazine cover to roughly look like. I included a date line, price, bold mast head in a simple but large serif font, bar code, selling line, main cover line and kickers with explanatory text. I decided I wanted my magazine cover to have a picture of one student in the centre thatd take up most of the cover space. I liked the idea of having a light blue background with a white font as these colours contrast well together. 6. Photo Shoot Images Both images not suitable due to the lack of space for text. 7. These images were not suitable also due to the lack of space for text, bad lighting and landscape layout (photos above and below). 8. My decision of what image to use in my cover was split between the three images below. However I decided to go with the first one because it seemed less superficial and with a greater space for text . 9. School Magazine Cover1 stDraft 10. 1 stDraft changes after feedback Lined up selling line directly underneath masthead. Corrected spelling mistake and lined up text. Lined up this chunk of text with all of the above, and increased the size of the 70.Changed the price to be in a pink colour so it keeps with the theme of the cover. </p>