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  • 1. casey and nadhira :] HOLA! HOLA!

2. Hola amigos! My name isand this is my friendWe were playing in Doraswhen we heard a HELP ME! SOMEONE NEEDS HELP! i 3. is going to THEOH NO!needs our help! ERUPT! 4. 5. Who do we ask for help when We dont know which way to go?! or the map? Is it boots? 6. Its not boots! Start again Quit 7. Im the map Im the map Im the map Im the map IM THE MAP 8. Tell Dora First she needs to go the Tsunami Surf Then she needs to go the Moppy Mountains Lastly she needs to go the Very Volcano-y 9. Click on the backpack :] 10. Backpack, backpack Backpack, backpack Im the backpack Loaded up with things and nick knacks too Everything that you might need I got it right for you Backpack, backpack Horaaaay! 11. We need a surfboard! Click on the surfboard! 12. Oh no! theres a tsunami! Quick, click on Dora so she could pass the tsunami! 13. Hoooraaaaay ! You passed the tsunami and that is actually a flying surfboard and youve passed the Moppy Mountains 14. Look ! Theres Diego ! Go and save himClick on Dora 15. is going to THEOH NO!ERUPT! 16. YOU DID IT YOU DID IT HORAAAY By Casey and Nadhira