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Product School Final Presentation by Jai Sandhu

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Text of Product School Final Presentation by Jai Sandhu

Final PresentationBy Jai Sandhu

So, What Does Venmo do?Send & Receive Money SecurelyMake business purchasesPay using your Bank account, debitor credit cardQuickly Transfer money to your Bank AccountShare your activities & react to yourfriends activities

What Products does Venmo have?

iOS AppAndroid AppWeb App

And How Does Venmo work?

Download App & Sign-up with Email or Facebook

Link Bank Account or Credit\Debit Card

Search & Add PeoplePay or Request Money

Phone verification is required for security purposes.

Core ValueMake Venmo the Easiest way to exchange money with Friends & Businesses

Whats a User Persona for Venmo?

20 year oldCollege SophomoreWorks part-timeVery particular about Personal financeLikes to settle debts ASAPLives with 3 other roommatesShare household items\grocery shopping duties with roommatesLoves eating out with Friends

Jenna - The petty debt collector

How does Jenna use Venmo?

Goes for Brunch with Friends

Pays Check for the table

Sends Venmo Request to Each Friend

What are Jennas pain points?

She has to create multiple requests. 1 per person in the group.She has to calculate each persons share

Are there other Jennas Out there?

According to Data released by Venmo on World Emoji Day 2016,30% of all Venmo transaction include Emojis.

How do we eliminate the pain point?


Split Feature to eliminate Jennas pain point

Existing Request or Pay ScreenNew Split Screen

Split Feature to eliminate Jennas pain point

Split Feature to eliminate Jennas pain point

Why build the Split Feature?Solves a pain point for Users like JennaAligns with Venmos core value of Making it easier to exchange moneyLow cost of development (Venmo already have a Split feature for business payments made)Competitive edge

How do we Measure Success?Total # of transactions

# of users of Split feature # of Existing Request type created per user# of Existing Request type created per user of Split feature

How do We Launch?

Pre-LaunchLaunchPost-LaunchDistribute build to internal usersCreate marketing assetsCommunicate to internal stakeholdersGet legal clearanceSubmit apps for approvalMake sure testing is completedMake sure analytics tracking is addedDeploy\Release productsPublish Blog PostsPress ReleaseSocial Media PromotionMonitor Key MetricsIterate

Summary - A Happier Jenna

Pays checks for groups more

Request money easily from entire group at once

Thank You

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