Project on teachers' design training for digital citizenship

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Project on ICT, Pedagogy, Design and Humanities

Project on teachers' design training for digital citizenshipH.S.Skovoroda National Pedagogical University,Kharkiv, UkraineArt Education and Digital Technologies: Virtual World Conference2014What does it mean design training?

New generation teachers

century reanimate informal education

We curate and produce visual content power of the visual content

Source: education for digital age7Design learning with ICT for the future Quality (digital literacy, culture of innovations, critical and creative thinking)8Students activityTeachers facilitation:motivating and evaluating what students knowcreating personalized learning experienceshelping students explore complex problems

collaborate communicate cooperate think inquire create assess evaluate

APPLYUNDERSTAND,REMEMBERCREATE EVALUATE ANALYZEStudents Personal Learning Environment for critical and creative thinking Web 2.0 turn on constructive social activity

New possibility for critical/creative thinking development thinking developmentElectronic portfolio is innovative tool

Design for technologydrivingThank you

Oleinik Tatyana, Chebotova Yana, Prokopenko Andrey, Andrushenko Olena, Leontieva Olena, Trubchaninov