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Protected areas tourism : Soomaa case

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Text of Protected areas tourism : Soomaa case

  • Promotion of nature tourism destinations:

    Soomaa National Park, Estonia


    29.-30 April 2015Lisboa Portugal

  • EstoniaEstonia

    45,227 square km1,3 million people50% forests22% mires (incl. bogs)18% protected areas1500 islands 600 brown bear700 lynx 150 wolves

  • Soomaa : Land of Mires

  • Soomaa national park Established 1993 RAMSAR site since 1997 IBA site (assesed 2003) Natura 2000 area PAN Park certified 2009 EDEN award 2009

  • Let us see a one minute video

  • national park

    is the strongest


  • Five Seasons

  • Estonian Amazon

  • is a local private tourism operator

  • How do we get our customers? Word of mouth Website and other internet channels Cooperation with local guesthouses and partners Partnership with travel agencies and tour


  • Who are our customers? 50% domestic 50% inbound Individuals Small groups & families Study tours


    [email protected]

    twitter @ruukel

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