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  • 1. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

2. The first thing I learnt whilst using Photoshop was how to edit images and the way they look. You can do this by increasing the brightness, saturation and contrast of them. Here I Have made the picture more clear and bright by using the brightness tool so the magazine cover looks more vibrant. I also learnt how to put a black and white overlay on the image to change its colour. I did this using the properties button. 3. I then used a website called to find some text that I liked to place over my image. I found this text called Moon Flower and input my own text to create the cover line for my main article. I had to print screen the text from the internet and paste it into photoshop as it couldnt be inserted. To crop the background out of the text to just get the words I had to use the rectangular marquee tool and highlight all the areas in which I wanted to delete to make the text more clear and precise. 4. This is how the text looked after I had used the rectangular marquee tool as shown above in all the unwanted areas. The text is now on a plain white background which I kept as placed it over a white banner, although I did learn how to remove it so the text could be placed over any coloured banner or just the photo itself. I will demonstrate this on the next slide. 5. This can be done using the magic wand tool. When selecting the text it highlights it and removes the background. Now the text has been highlighted and removed the background has disappeared and the text can be de-selected, edited and moved around the page. 6. I learnt how to use the magnetic lasso tool which is extremely useful for removing backgrounds on pictures so that they can be placed over many other backgrounds and scenes depending on what genre the magazine is from. This tool works similarly to the magic wand but in my opinion is more effective. This is the area that I have gone around with the magnetic lasso tool to remove. Although I didnt use this on my magazine I learnt how to do it throughout the process. 7. I then used the rectangle tool to create a banner to go across my front page. The banner stands out and is good for different texts as they will stand out against it and make the main cover line become more clearer. This is how the banner looks on my finished product. 8. When exporting my final magazine, I learnt that the magazine could not be just opened but needed to be placed into a box in InDesign. To create the box I learnt how to use the Rectangular Frame Tool on InDesign. When I had selected this tool I drew a box onto the page that I would then place my image in to. 9. I then learnt that to place the image into the box you had to go to file and then place then continue to choose the image that you wish to place. The image was then selected from documents and placed into the box on InDesign. 10. My finished media product is now imported into InDesign. I also learnt how to use the Fit content to frame feature so my magazine didnt become distorted after successfully exporting it into InDesign.