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Quick Tips for Supporting International Students

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  1. 1. Quick Tips for SupportingInternational StudentsConfidential InsideTrack1
  2. 2. Vary your conversation style based on the students cultureStudents from somecultures can be much lessdirect about academicconcerns than others.Understand if you need tobe more inquisitive or canwait for the student toraise issues.Confidential InsideTrack 2
  3. 3. Connect with internationalstudents through your sharedexperiences. For example, sharehow challenging it was for you tostudy abroad in Spanish, whichisnt your first language.Show that you can relateLo entiendes?Confidential InsideTrack 3
  4. 4. International students can beself-conscious about poorEnglish skills and wont alwaysadmit it when they dontunderstand something. Drawthem out and ask them questionsabout what they took away fromthe interaction.Test for comprehensionConfidential InsideTrack 4
  5. 5. Send clear messages about what success looks likeWith international students,advising, mentoring, or tutoringinteractions may need to be moreprescriptive than normal, as thesestudents often have differentcultural expectations around theacademic environment and requireadditional guidance.Confidential InsideTrack 5
  6. 6. Confirm expectations set by 3rd-party agents during theenrollment processKnowledgeUniversities and internationalstudents often have differentexpectations for each otherbased on what each was toldby a 3rd-party recruiter. This isparticularly common aroundEnglish proficiencyrequirements for Chinesestudents. Use the enrollmentprocess to clarify theseexpectations.Confidential InsideTrack 6
  7. 7. Listen for individual differences in understanding and acculturationTry to learn more about eachstudents previous academicbackground. Some may have amuch firmer grasp of Westerneducation and may feel offendedby unnecessary advice aboutgetting to class on time andattending lectures.Confidential InsideTrack 7
  8. 8. Be aware of the different connotations certain words have indifferent culturesFor example, the termcounselor may resonatedifferently with somestudents than the termadvisor. Adjusting orexplaining yourterminology can helpstudents betterunderstand the roles ofthose supporting them.Confidential InsideTrack 8
  9. 9. Look for opportunities to express cultural awarenessFor instance, you may havestudents from Muslim countrieswho have never experiencedRamadan in an environmentwhere the majority of those aroundthem are not fasting. Assess howthis may be affecting their studyhabits or their mood.Confidential InsideTrack 9
  10. 10. Understand the power of Word of Mouth marketingKnowledgeReferrals from internationalstudents can carry added weight.For instance, the Saudigovernment updates a list ofrecommended institutions forSaudi Arabia Culture Mission(SACM) scholarship study basedon alumni experiences. Alsofamily and friends opinionsheavily drive where manyinternational students decide tostudy.Confidential InsideTrack 10
  11. 11. Many universities have successfullyimplemented programs to improveinternational student success.Determine if some of the followingconcepts could benefit your internationalstudents. Restructure ESL programs so students canimprove their English while still makingacademic progress in their chosen area ofstudy. Provide proactive health and housingsupport to incoming international students. Create host family and mentoringpartnerships to help international studentsadjust to the culture.Learn from othersConfidential InsideTrack 11
  12. 12. InsideTrack works with you to implement a system for continuousimprovementIncrease enrollment, retention and graduation by 15%. 1:1 coaching for prospective and enrolled students Actionable insights on student perceptions and needs Systems to ensure measurement and accountabilityInsideTrack is the only college dropoutprevention initiative to meet WWC evidencestandardsConfidential InsideTrack 12
  13. 13. Unlocking human potential since [email protected]@insidetrack InsideTrack 13

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