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A little poster I put together for our office to help remind people what can and what cannot be recycled. We printed these out in colour, laminated them and stuck them up in the kitchen and around the printers.

Text of Recycling infographic

  • (please recycle!)PAPERWhite office paperMagazines and books (as long as nothing is laminated)NewspaperCardboard (boxes and cereal boxes)Tetrapak (such as milk and fruit juice cartons - supposed to be recycled by specialist facotires but most end up on landfills anyway)PLASTICSAll sortsThe easiest way to determine whether a plastic product is recyclable is by looking for its recycling logo. There are seven plastic recycling logos and most plastic packaging is imprinted with one of them. The logos tell you what type of plastic a container is made of. Each type has to be recycled separatelyMETALColddrink and beer cansFood tinsMetal lids of glass jarsAluminium foil and foil packagingPaint tins and aerosol cans (leave labels on them so recyclers can see whether they contain hazardous material)GLASSBeverage bottlesFood jars such as tomato sauce (ketchup), jam and mayonnaise bottlesDrinking glassesOTHERBatteries (separate container, specialist recycling required)Light bulbs (separate container, specialist recycling required)Carbon paperPrinter paper packaging (I know, ironic, right?!!)Laminated or waxy paperPunch confettiStickersCling wrapCeramics (plates)