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ReimaginEd 2015Trends in K12 EducationDavid Havens@eduhavens#ReimaginED2015Vivek Murali@vivmuralicurriculet - how many questions read, etcmake these two separate slidesmoves away from diversity conversation - move this to the appendix?This chart is a bit confusing - difficult to harmonize with slide titlesimplify - education is an equalizerUS students are low income (eligible for free or reduced lunch)51%US districts interested in implementing 1:1 solution in next 2 yearsteenagers age 13-18 have smart phonestext messages are sent each day by the average teenMEANWHILE607981%2Source: Southern Education Foundation, Ambient Insights, Level Playing Field Institute,, Benedict Evans Mobile is eating the worldUS students were homeless in 2013states had no black student take the AP Computer Science exam13011#ReimaginED2015The following slides analyze how innovations have scaled in educationSystemic inequality rising while mainstream tech catching on remove theshould this say US students too?change catches to catchingOutlineContinued Challenges: Diversity, Equity, and EducationThe Evolving LandscapeAppendixNew Technologies and Approaches46271643#ReimaginED2015 Continued Challenges: Diversity, Equity, and EducationToo often, Americas education system amplifies not opportunity but inequality.NICHOLAS KRISTOFThe New York TimesSource: The New York Times. 4#ReimaginED2015

There is a 5% college completion rate for Americans whose parents didnt graduate from High School*Educational mobility in the U.S. is lower than you thinkABSOLUTE EDUCATIONAL MOBILITY (2012)Percentage of 25-64 years-old-non-students whose educational attainment is higher than (upward mobility), lower than (downward mobility) or the same as (status quo) that of their parents.*compare to 23% for other wealthy nations5Source: Chart A4.3 - OECD Indicators - Education at a Glance 2014#ReimaginED2015Many factors influence education opportunity, starting in preschoolOver 8,000 toddlers were suspended from preschool in 2011 school year. 70% were minority.DISPARITY IN DISCIPLINE STARTS IN PRESCHOOL

6Source: U.S. Department of education, Office for civil Rights Data Collection, 2011-12, #ReimaginED2015clean up text

should be starts

Homelessness of youth is up 67% in the last 7 yearsGrowth in math and literacy is slower among homeless and highly mobile students7Source: The National Center on Family Homelessness at American Institutes for Research RISE IN NUMBER OF HOMELESS CHILDREN#ReimaginED2015Racial segregation persists 60+ years after Brown v. Board of EducationAn increasing number of black and hispanic students go to schools that are over half-minority8Source: #ReimaginED2015PERCENTAGE OF LATINO & BLACK STUDENTS ATTENDED SCHOOLS THAT WERE MORE THAN HALF MINORITYHispanic StudentsBlack Students55%77%80%74%1968-69 School Year2009-2010 School Year40 years laterHomogenizes market, allowing for 1 tool in 50 states

Black students are 62% more likely to receive discretionary discipline than white students The racial disparity in discipline continues in high school 9Source:, #ReimaginED2015PERCENT OF STUDENTS COMMITING DISCRETIONARY AND MANDATORY VIOLATIONS, BY RACE AND ETHNICITY.Students suspended or expelled for a discretionary violation are nearly 3 times more likely to be in contact with the juvenile justice system the following yearDiscretionary PunishmentMandatory Punishment0%20%40%60%80%100%African American(n=133.719)Hispanic(n=366.900)White(n=400.104)76.7%7.2%66.7%7.9%47.9%5.3% The 90/10 percentile income gap compares to the black/white gap in the 1950sNot just race: achievement gap between rich and poor widening10 AVERAGE DIFFERENCE IN STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES (90/10 income gap or black-white gap)90/10 Income GapBlack-White Gap.001940195019601970198019902000.25.50.751.001.251.50COHORT BIRTH YEARIN STANDARD DEVIATION UNITS#ReimaginED2015sean reardon nytimes

While 95% of 8th graders say they are going to college, schools prepare only 37%A vast majority of young people are ill-prepared for college11Source: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation#ReimaginED2015Educational inequality is manifest in the corporate worldDisparities in STEM Education are mirrored in the STEM Workforce12White and Asian students are more than 4x as likely to take AP Math and Science exams and more than 6x as likely to take the AP Computer Science exam than their Black and Latino/a peers

In eleven states, no black students took the AP Computer Science testRACIAL AND ETHNIC REPRESENTATION IN THE STEM WORKFORCE

Note: Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander alone was combined with Some Other Race because of a small number of sample observation.Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2011 American Comunity Survey.Source:, Level Playing Field Institute #ReimaginED2015 Earlier you said 12, make sure its consistent.change to manifestedU.S. tech companies lack diversity1% of VC-backed internet startups (Series Seed & A) have a black founder. 83% are all white teams.13Source: Techcrunch, Bureau of Labor StatisticsDIVERSITY IN LEADING U.S. TECH COMPANIES IS LACKINGWhiteAsianHispanicBlackTwo or more raceOtherFacebookGoogleYahooLnkedlnNon-Hispanic whiteHispanicBlackAsianDid not Identify racially or ethnically64%16%12%5%3%The labor force by ethnicityEthnicity (US only)34%57%30%61%38%55%39%50%#ReimaginED2015 I might change skewed to "lacking"

And the inequality continues up the ladder to leadershipWhite men make up over 90% of Fortune 500 CEOs but less than 35% of all Americans14Source: Diversity Inc. #ReimaginED2015 With equitable access, education can help level the fieldEducation continues to offer a strong return on investmentRETURNS TO EDUCATION COMPARED TO OTHER INVESTMENTS15Source: CPS (2009, 2010-12); Damodaran (2013), Federal Reserve Economic Data (2013); National Center for EducationStatistics: (NCES 2012-13); National Mining Association (2012); Shiller (2013); authors calculations. 0510152025AssociatesdegreeProfessional degreeBachelorsdegreeSomecollegeStocksGold10-yearTreasurybondsT-billsHousingPERCENT RETURN#ReimaginED2015 The evolving landscapeSchool is where childhood happens. Even if civil war dates are forgotten and geometry becomes a blur, one lesson must stick: the love of learning.LILY ESKELSONNEA President16#ReimaginED2015Universal pre-K is gaining tractionA highly researched benefit begins to make its way to practice

17Source: #ReimaginED2015PERCENT OF 4-YEAR-OLDS SERVED BY STATE PRE-KHomogenizes market, allowing for 1 tool in 50 states

Common Core continues to roll out around the countryConfronting new challenges and opportunities along the wayCOMMON CORE ADOPTION ACROSS THE USA

18Source: #ReimaginED2015Success based on success of assesments

Graduation rates have increased in the past twenty years81% of high school students are graduates (the equivalent of 7,000 dropouts/day)AVERAGED FRESHMAN GRADUATION RATE FOR PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: SCHOOL YEARS 199091 THROUGH 201112

19Source: #ReimaginED2015 Teachers have a huge impact on student performanceStudent performance varies greatly depending on quality of teacher20Source: THE EFFECT OF TEACHER QUALITYThere is a 53% difference in student achievement based on performance of the teacher100th50th0th811AgeSTUDENT PERFORMANCE(IN PERCENTILE)Student with top-quintile teacher Student withbottom-quintile teacher 90th37th#ReimaginED2015"Students of different ethnicities respond equivalently within the same quintile of teacher effectiveness"we know we must have a high quality teacher in every classroom

VOTERS DISAGREE WITH CURRENT TEACHER TENURE REQUIREMENTSPoll Question: California public school teachers are currently awarded tenure after 18th months in the classroom. Which of the following do you agree with most:Vergara v California put spotlight on teacher tenure laws nationallyStates re-examine how easy it should be to get tenureHOW LONG BEFORE A TEACHER EARNS TENURE?21Source:, #ReimaginED2015public opinion on teacher tenure

While teachers continue innovating with few resourcesThe average U.S. teacher spends 1000 hours instructing each yearTEACHERS SALARIES $1000 s (OECD DATA)These figures show how much teachers get paid on average each year in dollars, average gathered over 15 years.


Source:, 22#ReimaginED2015

Homogenizes market, allowing for 1 tool in 50 states

Venture capital entering edtech at record