Relationships Matter: Connecting with Other Students and Professionals on LinkedIn

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  1. 1. Topic 2: Relationships Matter Connecting with Other Students and Professionals on LinkedIn
  2. 2. At LinkedIn we believe that when it comes to building your dream career, nothing gives you a head start like forging a professional network in your uni days. Do you ask yourself if its necessary or even possible to start networking while youre still at university?
  3. 3. If youve been following the series, youll know from Topic 1 how to create a winning profile on LinkedIn. It starts with a great picture, headline, and summary. A fully completed education and experience section is vital too. That will help you get a job now and in the future.
  4. 4. But often its also about knowing the right people or knowing people who know the right people
  5. 5. Topic 2 is all about the importance of relationships and well show you some tips on how to build your network like a pro. Lets jump in and start connecting!
  6. 6. Step 1: Build your network Networking can be intimidating for those on the first rungs of the career ladder. If youre at university, you might not know where to begin. Want to know a secret? Your student years are the ideal time to start mapping out who you are in the world of work and where you want to go.
  7. 7. Whatever stage of education youre at - whether you have a job to subsidize your studies or not your network is probably far bigger than you realise.
  8. 8. So, start close to home. Begin by sending connection requests to those that know you well - friends, family, neighbours, teachers, colleagues and classmates.
  9. 9. You can also import your contacts via selecting from your email address. Simple! To make things easy, LinkedIn also offers suggestions for people you may know based on contacts you already have.
  10. 10. Building your network is not just about who you know. Its about who your connections know too. Think of it as setting up a framework for opportunity. You never know where the next one will come from, so it pays to connect with people of different industries, professions and countries.
  11. 11. Use keywords like the title of your ideal job or company and look at their LinkedIn pages for inspiration. Use the search bar to find contacts that could help map your career goals.
  12. 12. You can also narrow down your search and filter results by experience or seniority (This is why having keywords in your headline is so important!) But what do you do once youve found someone whos living your dream?
  13. 13. Theres no such thing as a one-size-fits-all invitation message, so be honest and professional and explain why youd like to connect. Dont be shy! Drop them a personalised invitation to connect.
  14. 14. Let them know how you know them - whether thats through a friend, via a website or through LinkedIn search results. Itll help get the conversation started.
  15. 15. Bear in mind - people arent mind readers. If youre looking for career insights and admire their profile, let them know. Open communication is always best!
  16. 16. Step 2: Keep in touch with your network So now youve built an awesome profile and got plenty of connections with family, friends, colleagues, professors.. What next?
  17. 17. Bolster your image by sharing regular updates to remind people who you are and what youre all about. Share industry news, stories and events that demonstrate your interests and passions. Like other social networks, status updates are a great way to stay top of mind.
  18. 18. Remember: Spelling and grammar are a reflection of you, so proofread posts before you hit update. You dont have to scribe like Ernest Hemingway, but try to eliminate errors.
  19. 19. Rather than regurgitating on-brand bulletins, aim to offer your own insights on trending topics and posts by Influencers. Always be authentic.
  20. 20. And dont forget to say thanks whenever its due. You never know which conversation might lead to a new opportunity down the road. If people engage with you by writing a comment or sending an inMail always reply.
  21. 21. And if youre looking to connect with like-minded people, groups are a great place to build your network and share ideas. You might be finishing an essay or your thesis and want share an interesting insight, or an enlightening quote.
  22. 22. As you grow in confidence, you might wonder how to grow a captive audience. Forming connections with alumni groups and organisations that share your interests will increase the likelihood of engagement and conversation.
  23. 23. As you network, keep in mind, its always better to give than take. Comment on a fellow students status update or forward a job listing to a friend. What goes around comes around. And of course always say thank you when somebody puts an opportunity your way.
  24. 24. So, there you have it! A guide to establishing great relationships on LinkedIn in 7 simple steps. Get all this nailed and youll be building your network (and prospects) in no time at all.
  25. 25. Remember these key points: Start by connecting with family and friends Import your contacts using your email address to further expand your network. Use the search functions to find people who could help you map your career Send personalised invitations to people youd like to connect with but dont know - always explain why youre making a connection Keep in touch with your network via status updates Join groups to demonstrate your passion and prompt interesting conversations Always respond and say thank you to those that connect with you