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Ideas to motivate reluctant writers

Ideas to motivate reluctant writersSuggestions from the Sheena Cameron workshop

Who are the reluctant writers?They are usually, but not always male.They are usually reluctant readers.They usually have poor spelling and punctuation skills.They are easily distracted from writing and reading tasks.They work slowly and often their work is frequently incomplete.Their written work is often messy.Their books are frequently disorganised and tatty.They avoid starting writing and use excuses, such as I cant find my pencil.They will not share their written work in a group.They sometimes lack life experiences.They usually have some difficulty with reading.They usually like being read to.They usually like to make and build things.They have sometimes developed strategies for masking their reluctance.

Reluctant writers are generally reluctant because they have had very little success!

SoWhat do Reluctant Writers Need to be Successful? They need to be identified as a reluctant writer.Identify the barriers that make a writer reluctant.Reduce or remove barriers.An incentive to write.Experiences, or triggers to help them remember one.Writing about topics they know about/ have experienced/ whats in front of their nose.Recognise that they have things to write about and share. To understand that good writers write about the ordinary in an extraordinary way.Recognise that their interests and what they know about provide a good source of writing material.

Reference List:

The Writing Book on facebook - thewritingbookfacebookThe writingbook.com experiencesDo somethingView somethingListen to somethingGo for a walkMake somethingDrama activityTopic activityInvite a visitorGrow somethingCook somethingPhotoVideoPerformanceIllustrationObjectStoryMusicInterviewMessagesLetterPodcast

Speed Writing start with one word and see where it leads - introduce an ICON to help with focus

Start words could be: OUCH!STOP! OutstandingThunderSleepingLook .

Using videos - National Geographic Im Little but I am a Great Winner example

Watching the video and recording the events in orderPurpose of writing task writing a letter to the squirrels mum telling about their day


Note taking an important skill that can be transferred into other learning areas

Criteria set for their letter writing -

Be very clear on what is needed in their writingSelf check/partner check6

Spelling support word list to support their writing while watching the video for the second time around develop a word bankModel the first few sentences for writers prepare before handCan use the video clip again I saw, I heard, I felt a moment in time


Reading work aloud students make more correctionsICONS introduce these through your quick writes

Structure of a narrative example Whistleless also develop a character web showing the relationships between the key characters the pictures and writing the commentary

Book trailers for readers


Other writing ideas:Comic strips and Graphic novels - visuals to support, concepts of print (speech, thought bubbles) Writing buddies writing alone in silence isnt everybodys thingBlogging Hands-on poetry activities blackout poetryPhoto journal with captionsMinecraft story startersBook of Bad ideasVisual promptsTalking tinsSuitable apps

If I can think it I can say it.If I can say it I can write it.If I can write it I can read it.And so can others!