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Who is Robert Frost, and how did he influence literature

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  • 1. ROBERT FROSTBy: Haley Neeley

2. WHO IS ROBERT FROST? Four-time Pulitzer Prize winning American poet. A teacher. Robert grew up exposed to works by William Shakespeare and poets RobertBurns and William Wordsworth, 3. ROBERT FROST FINDS SUCCESS Robert Frosts first break as a poet was in 1894 when the New Yorkmagazine Independent published My Butterfly Frost found success over in Europe. He Published his first set of poems, A Boys Will (1913) , and North ofBoston (1914) followed right behind . After his work was printed, fellow poets Edward Thomas and Ezra Poundbecame friends and supporters . 4. WINNING WORKS. New Hampshire in1923 First Pulitzer Prize Collected Poems in 1931 A Further Range in 1937 A Witness Tree in 1943 5. POEMS FOR THE PRESIDENT At Inauguration of American President John F. Kennedy on 20 January 1961, Frost recitedhis poem The Gift Outright. Following Frosts death, Kennedy gave a speech at Amherst College, speaking on theimportance of the Arts in America. President Kennedy stated The death of Robert Frost leaves a vacancy in the Americanspirit....His death impoverishes us all; but he has bequeathed his Nation a body ofimperishable verse from which Americans will forever gain joy and understanding. On his 88th birthday, Frost received from President Kennedy a medal voted him byCongress. Prior to that, President Eisenhower had named him a consultant in poetry to the Library ofCongress. 6. THE MOTIFS IN ROBERTS POETRY The changes of the seasons. The alternation of day and night. 7. FROM PAPER TO FILM ROBERT FROSTS POEMS ARE STILL USED TODAY. HIS WORKS ARE MENTIONED IN FILMS SUCH AS THE OUTSIDERS AND TWILI GHT ECLIPSE.The character Johnny says, Stay GoldPonyBoy referring to Robert Frosts poemNothing Gold can StayIn Twilight Eclipse, the poem Fire and Iceis read, and the poem also symbolizes thetwo male lead characters. 8. WHAT INFLUENCE DID FROST BRING TOLITERATURE?Frost himself on the question of influence, indebtedness andthe giving of the poetic gift. He lived a simple farm life, which influenced his writing Marion Montgomery has explained, "His attitude towardnature is one of armed and amicable truce and mutualrespect interspersed with crossings of the boundaries"between individual man and natural forces. His poems are filled with question that deal with everyday life. His poetry was at the crossroads of the 19 th century andmodernism,