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  1. 1. Sacred Lake Baikal2 Days/1 NightDiscover your Lake Baikal!
  2. 2. Sacred Lake BaikalAmong all beauties and treasures of Siberia, Lake Baikal occupies a special place. This isthe greatest wonder of the world, whom many tried to unriddle but few have been able to.When you look at Baikals endless incarnations, it occurs to you why the local people talkabout the Lake as if it were an alive being, and with all their heart they believe that Baikalcan get offended or angry.During the trip you will visit most interesting excursions. You will visit the unique open-air museum Taltzy, also you will dive virtually at Baikal museum and make a mini-cruise along the famous Round Baikal railroad.And all these magical things are at the shore of Saint Lake Baikal, who will always giveyou a great amount of energy and good impressions!
  3. 3. RouteIrkutskListvyanka settlementRound Baikal Railroad
  4. 4. Meet Lake BaikalDay 1
  5. 5. Day 1Arrival to Irkutsk. Meeting at the airport. Irkutsk city tour. Transfer to Listvyankasettlement (70 km away from Irkutsk). On the way to Listvyanka you will visit the open-airmuseum Taltzy. Lunch at the restaurant Last century. Accommodation at the hotelKrestovaya pad at twin or double standard rooms. Excursion in Listvyanka settlement.You will visit Baikal museum, the nerpinarium, Chersky stone observation deck, St. Nicolaschurch and the local market.Meals included: lunch. Dinner is paid extra.
  6. 6. Irkutsk city tourThe city tour covers all main attractions of the city: Kirov square, Znamensky OrthodoxCathedral and the monument to Alexander the III. It starts with waking-tour of thehistorical city center and proceeds to the oldest stone construction in the city, the Churchof our Savior, thereafter to the Polish Catholic Church and then to the Second World WarMemorial and the building of Regional Administration locally called the Gray House.Afterwards the tour goes to Znamensky Orthodox Cathedral, noted for its originaliconostasis grave of the so-called Russian Columbus Mr. Shelikhov and the graves of theDecembrist, the Russian aristocrats who were exiled to Siberia after an ill-fated attempt tooverthrow monarchy in 1825.
  7. 7. Architectural and ethnographic open-air museum TaltzyTaltzy is a museum complex of all-Russian value. It is located on the 47th kilometer ofBaikal highway. The museum recreates the cultural and historical environment ofaboriginal Siberian tribes, when the Russian pioneers were exploring the place.The outdoor museum reminds of an old Siberian village, as a village would be built inXVII-XIX centuries. The territory of 67 hectares has collected over 80 monuments ofhistory and architecture. There are 17 expositions at the museum.
  8. 8. Listwyanka settlementListvyanka is a picturesque village located at the source of the river Angara, it isconsidered to be the tourist center of Lake Baikal. There is the largest number ofcomfortable hotels in Listvyanka settlement, also there are many souvenir shops and anexcellent fish market. Listvyanka is famous for its Observatory, nerpinarium and theonly Russian museum of the Lake - Baikal Limnological museum.
  9. 9. Restaurant Last centuryIn Listvyanka while having lunch at the Last century restaurant you will try originalSiberian cuisine, proficiently cooked from Baikal omul. You will definitely like the tasteof Siberian food and the nice atmosphere of the 20th century will color your impressions!
  10. 10. Krestowaya pad hotelThe hotel Krestovaya Pad" is located in Listvyanka settlement, 200 meters away fromthe shore of Lake Baikal. The room of "standard class is fully made of wood and there isa soft cover on the floor. Each room has good wooden furniture, two single beds (ordouble - on request), bedside tables. There is a tea set, telephone and TV with DVD.Bathroom is small, but it has everything you need: toilet, sink and shower with differentmodes of water supply, hydro and radio. At the hotel there are two restaurants, a bar anda terrace with a panoramic view of Lake Baikal and Hamar-Daban mountains.
  11. 11. Standard twin or double roomsA standard twin or double room is made of wood and there is a carpeted floor. There isnice wooden furniture, such as twin or double bed, a wardrobe, bed-side tables. There is atea set, telephone, TV and DVD. The WC is not big, but there is everything you need: atoilet, a sink and a shower unit.
  12. 12. Baikal museumBaikal museum is one of the 3 lake museums in the world, and the only one in Russia.The unique collection of the Lakes nature make the museum one of the most visitedmuseums of Irkutsk Region. There are 17 thousand exhibits at the museum. , .Here you will be able to see the Lakes inhabitants. You will make virtual Lake Baikalfoundering at the museum and watch the inhabitants of the Lake.
  13. 13. Lake Baikal Seals showOn June 12th, 2009 in the village of Listvyanka an aquarium for Lake Baikal seals wasopened. The Baikal seal is an endemic animal and the only mammal of the lakes fauna.The , total population is estimated to be 90-100,000 animals. Habitat destruction and illegal .hunting is responsible for dramatic decline in Baikal seal population. In the aquarium themammals perform to the pubic in the first in the world seals entertainment show. Sealsalso display themselves as talented artists drawing pictures during the performance. Youcan even buy their masterpieces at improvised auctions.
  14. 14. Chersky stoneFrom the depths of Lake Baikal to the height of a bird flight: a lift will take you to theChersky stone. This is the peak of Primorsky mountain range which height comes to 755 , meters. There is a . which there is a panoramic gazebo with an observation platform, fromview of almost the entire southern basin of Lake Baikal: there are white tops of Khamar-Daban mountain range, also there is a Shaman-stone at the outlet of the river Angara,Port Baikal, and Angara River itself.
  15. 15. Round Baikal RailroadDay 2
  16. 16. Day 2Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. Transfer to the pier. Today you will get acquaintedwith the famous Round Baikal Railroad. You will get to Port Baikal settlement by ferry,that will be the first point of the excursion. The train will make several stops at mostinteresting places on the route. In the evening you will arrive to Irkutsk. Here your tripwill be over. Lake Baikal is looking forward to seeing you.Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  17. 17. Round Baikal RailroadRound Baikal Railroad is a special page in the history of Transsiberian Railway. It is byno means an exaggeration to say that this is the most beautiful railway in Russia. Itincludes the distance from railway station Baikal to the station Slyudyanka.Round Baikal Railroad is a monument of federal significance. No other road in theworld has so many man-made objects. The Railway has 39 tunnels of total 9 km inlength, 15 stone galleries of 295m total length and 3 reinforced concrete galleries, 248bridges and overpasses, 172 monuments of architecture. Tunnels and stone galleriesare unique, because they were built to individual designs and were not rebuilt later.
  18. 18. Tour price Tour duration: 2 days/1 night Number of people: till 12The number of people in the24 6 8 1012 group Tour price per person, 500 380 334310 295286Tour price for the group, 1 000 1 520 2 004 2 4802 9503 432
  19. 19. Tour price includes:- Guide service during the whole tour;- Transfers as per itinerary: transfer Irkutsk-Listvyanka-Irkutsk, transfers in Listvyankasettlement;- Accommodation at the hotel Krestovaya pad in twin or double rooms for 1 night;- Excursion at the Baikal museum;- Excursion to the Chersky Stone observation platform;- Round Baikal Railroad trip (1st class train tickets);- Excursion to the open-air museum Taltzy;- Entrance tickets to the Baikal Seals show;- Irkutsk city tour;- Meals as per itinerary: day 1 lunch, day 2 breakfast, lunch, dinner;
  20. 20. Our tourists impressions:When we came back from the Lake we felt as if we had visited another planet. Only inMoscow we were able to feel what Lake Baikal made with us: it is true, that there isanother energy, another world.real.We took great photos!Well, thanks a lot to the Baikal adventures travel company and to Lake Baikal! Andrei, MoscowBaikal amazed me! Very often the expectations are not met. At Lake Baikal it was theopposite. It is surprising, fascinating, captivating, and it leaves no one indifferent.Air, open space, mountains, water, landscapes - all these will remain in my memoryand in my heart for a long time. I want to come back here more than once! Evenminor difficulties appearing along the way were forgotten very quickly. Justpositive emotions are left. I really hope that this meeting with lake Baikal was not thelast one. Thank you so much! Marina, Moscow
  21. 21. Contact information Experts for the recreation at Lake Baikal: Office in Moscow: +7 (495) 287-40-17Office in Irkutsk: +7 (3952) 500-689 e-mail: