Samsung Success Story

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What has been Samsung doing Right?!?!

Key Strategies For Grand Success ?!?!

Expand to stay number one!

Attract New Customers

Emphasizing Product QualityWide range of prices Introduce new features and advanced Technology

Introduce New Products

Memory chip business -Cash Cow for Samsung -2nd largest Chip Maker!!

Number two player in Mobile Phones Wide range of prices to attract all type of customers.

Protect Market Share

Continuous Innovation

- Catering to changing needs of customers

Aggressive Brand Building over the years!!

Distinctive Image In Consumers mind!- Strong Brand Recognition- Gained Consumer Trust

Increase Market Share

Effective Distribution System

and after sales service.

Mergers and Acquisitions Example : Partnership with longtime market leader Sony to create $2 billion state-of-the-art LCD factory.

Lets Recap !Expand: Attract new consumersIntroduce new productsProtect Market ShareContinuous InnovationBrand BuildingIncrease Market ShareEffective DistributionPartnership with other businesses and M&A

Created by-

Vertika Bansal, IIT Roorkee

During an internship with

Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow